HEY! Welcome to the first Chip Music post on Generation Bass by me, Alex Yabsley aka Dot.AY!

For those of you not knowing what Chip Music is just do a heaps google or read ahead and listen to some tracks it will soon become evident that Chip is a particular sound and method of making music that lends itself to a plethora of different styles.

In these Monthly posts I will be focusing on the bass heavy side of chip music production, mainly highlighting new tracks but also schooling you on some older classics of the genre. (Also credit should go to Ano9 for the cool pixel street art picture above)


This guy from Latvia has just recently come out with some highly original and utterly banging Chip-Step tracks. The two below are taken from his recently released “Kontemporary Az Fuxck” EP which you can download from his website (warning that shit will destroy your eyeballs) or direct download here. The EP has two great Bass tracks and some fairly average faster tempo Chip stuff, so your call you can grab the whole EP or just the two tracks below.

Download MR DICK HAIR SNIFFIN GLUE. (right click “Save As”)



This Canadian bro known only as ??? has an incredibly distinct wobbly dub sound, he has threatened a number of times that he has stopped producing tunes so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this new one come through. He has gone and deleted a lot of his older tracks again so I may have to do a feature on him at a later date so you can hear more (a few more newer tracks here) Enjoy!

Download Lizard Dub .

Download BreastMod


I think hopefully you will see a whole lot of Minikomi in these posts he hasn’t released much but he heads up the incredibly impressive Metrodub netlabel and just released a new one on there himself. The label is basically just for small two track releases of artists new and different interpretations of the dub sound. It’s not all strictly chip but all high quality. To download a bunch more tracks just head to Metrodub homepage.  While there be sure to check out the new release by Mushi Music as well!!

Roller Derbin’

Dollar Turnin’


This guy is from Austria and in the past has made some great 8bit breakcore and I have just stumbled on his 4 newish dubstep tunes and they are really really great.. put them together and you have an impressive little EP.

Download Delirium

Download Stardust

Download Like a Hoe

Download Slasher

Henry Homesweet

This chap from the UK (who recently visited Australia and is a top bloke) is generally known for his epic Game Boy live jams which can be seen on his youtube channel (and one example below). But this track he wrote in GoatTracker 2 a multiplatform tracker based on the Commodore 64 sound chip and it is definitely a welcome addition to his work. I for one hope to hear some more SID-step from a bunch of artists.

Download Emit Time.


From Corpus Christi, Texas, I Am Your Destruction (IAYD) absolutely decimates everyone when it comes to writing Game Boy tunes. He has recently tried his hand at some Chipstyle-dubstep even though he asserts he actually doesn’t like dubstep at all… I think the track is pretty cool.

Download Oh Alright.


I have a feeling Saskrotch dislikes this track and that is why it has never been released but this is just a very short little track that was thrown up on an IRC channel a little while ago as an NSF (nintendo sound format, a file created for NES music). I absolutely love this track and haven’t seen it any where else since so thought I needed to share it as an exclusive of sorts.

Download Steppinslow.

Thanks so much to DJ UMB for getting me on board and feel free to drop me suggestions and the like in comments.. be back next month!


  1. Yeah not a lot of love for 320kbps in the Chip world… though all the artists are friendly and contactable I am sure if you asked for a 320 you could get one 😀

    looking forward to next month

  2. Dot.AY!! U NAILED IT!! this is what we needed man!! dope sounds!! fresh !! and it opens the space to put some more chips.. darkcore..and all that stuff

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