Been following this dude for a while and sticking his brilliant remixes (unofficial) on my mixtapes.  He is a dude who does Dubstep/LazerBass with EMOTION and that’s what caught my ear when I heard his stuff.  He has a real knack for being able to make you feel immense feelings when listening to his productions.

I’m really excited now because he is just about to drop his debut EP and here’s what the PR says:

MartyParty to Release SKUKUZA – Debut EP In Stores December 14, 2010

No stranger to the booming bass music scene that’s sweeping the nation, MartyParty has spooned his purple bass drops to beat-hungry masses as one-half of the group PANTyRAID with partner Ooah (of the white hot Glitch Mob), and through successful MartyParty tours in venues and festivals alike alongside names like The Glitch Mob, EOTO, MiMOSA, The Very Best, Beats Antique and many more.

On December 14th, MartyParty celebrates his first EP release, SKUKUZA, the first taste of the amusement park ride on the rails of electronic chords crashing into soul-pounding bass lines and will be followed up with frequent ep releases to craft a movement in music. The debut EP will be available through all major online music retailers, as well as in special packages sold direct through the website. Look out for Lebata and Satara in due time.

The full tracklisting of SKUKUZA is as follows:

1. Chelsea Hotel

2. It’s Complicate

3. Loud Mouth

4. Los Angeles

5. Skukuza

6. Trinity

The release, brought to you by The Confluence Post Label alternative, will feature MartyParty’s production of purple music. This is electronic music with a rich melodic layering of beat, bassline and harmonics building up to an intense, full frequency, crescendo. A bit like dubstep that needs no dubbing whatsoever, just pure original composition with todays most advanced tools. The MartyParty live show is a high energy spectacle not to be missed – he calls it the Purple Opera.

Watch him in action here

Grab a free track here LOS ANGELES

Listen to some more great tracks:

MartyParty-TheXX-INFINITY-REMAKE by MartyParty

MartyParty-Until we bleed Remix by MartyParty



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