I have always been a big fan of reggae. Cumbia can mix easily with other styles and it’s great so, Dj’s do it, musicians do it. Ebiruojaba, one of the contributor of the blog “Cumbia, poder y porro” presented Huevo atomico, which proposition is an instrumental mixture of reggae and cumbia. It’s very nice.

Espacio – EspantaEspantos – Huevo Atomico by ebiruojaba

Another nice project presented by our men Ebiruojaba & Jorge Andrés Silva Velandia from Cumbia, poder y porro is Eurocumbia, kind of an ideal reading complement of Generation bass cause it aims to unite, federate and reference all europeans cumbia projects. It’s a cumbia mine, and in other words, if you want to connect to cumbia directly in real life in your country go on their site and look for the next event: they have something for you, country by country. Very nice. Well, for the section “France” I am quite surprised not to see the best live band in France, I named Cumbia Ya ! They begun in 2002… and they have a very sexy horns section… (horny section), the main singer has an awsome voice and play the clarinet, well and when I had some contacts with them back in 2005 in Paris I could notice Gabo their bassist is very sexy too… Check their site ya !


  1. Hi! my name is Monkey Man, i’m huevoatomico’s drummer… we feel glad for the article and like your music and your proyect as well.
    Music power for all the people in this world!!!
    Positive vibrations.
    And lot’s of love!!

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