Here’s the new release from Permanent Damage Records, which is in fact comprised of 3 and is due out on Dec 14!

Take a listen:

The Love Theme – Boogaloo (Jonah K Remix) – limited time download! by Permanent Damage Records

The Love Theme – Boogaloo – FJH “My Donkey” Remix – Free Limited Download by Permanent Damage Records
The Love Theme – Boogaloo (FJH Dubstep Remix) by FJH

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Love Theme (Jonah K Remix)

Here’s what the label say:

There are 3 releases The Love Theme 2, The Love Theme remixed part 1 which is dub/dubstep which may be more up your street and The Love Theme remixed part 2 – dance related tracks.

Artist: The Love Theme

Album: Boogaloo Remixed

Release Date: Dec 14, 2010

Catalogue: PDRX0013A & PDRX0013B

Track Listing:

A1  Boogaloo (Cottonmouth Remix)

A2  Boogaloo (Alexis K Remix)

A3  Boogaloo (Dominic Owen Reggae Mix)

A4  Boogaloo (Jonah K Remix)

A5  Boogaloo (FJH Remix)

B1  Boogaloo (riccicomoto dubclub session)

B2  Boogaloo (Dominic Owen Disco Edit)

B3  Boogaloo (Thundercakes Restless Sole Remix)

B4  Boogaloo (Notty Culture Remix)

B5  Boogaloo (Vito Benito Club Mix)

With his take on love in the 21st century, The Love Theme’s second EP, Two, hits stores Dec 14th on Permanent Damage Records, with the lead single “Boogaloo” supported by a schmorgasboard of remixes.

The first half of the album explores dubstep and its roots. Rising star Cottonmouth kicks things off with a heavy mix filled with multiple climaxes. Alexis K, provides her support after a streak of Beatport charted dubstep tracks and newcomers Jonah K and FJH fill out the dubstep vibe. For a quick breather, The Love Theme’s Dominic Owen lends a reggae mix to keep things irie.

The second half of the album features four-on-the-floor dance ready remixes ready to roll. Riccicomotos deep house vibe shows traces of Isolee, and Dominic Owen takes us back to the tight pants and white noses of the 70’s with his disco mix. The madcap Thundercakes offers a clean tech house remix and Vito Benito gets the fists pumping with a remix that will satisfy the unwashed masses. Rounding things out is a mix by ska-pop duo Notty Culture.

Artist: The Love Theme

Album: Two

Release Date: Dec 14, 2010

Catalogue: PDRX0012

Track Listing:

1.     Boogaloo

2.     Bum Bum Bum

3.     Tension

4.     Prey

With his take on love in the 21st century, producer and composer Dominic Owen’s second EP under his alter ego The Love Theme, aptly named Two, hits stores Dec 14th, on Permanent Damage Records.

Following the success of the project’s debut and supported by all-star remixes of the lead single “Boogaloo,” Two uses breakbeats, samples, and catchy hooks to tell the story of a modern troubadour, navigating love in the modern world.

The story beings with the ska-inflected “Boogaloo,” chronicling the mating dance performed by hapless men in nightclubs attempting to secure a mating partner – or at least cop a touch and a squeeze in the back seat of a shared taxicab.

Bum Bum Bum,” featuring guest vocals from Brazilian Carlos Henrique Pela (The Gioania Project), is a bass driven electro-fuelled ode to Electra, and the inability of men to grow beyond their infantile need for T&A

Like a seven-year-old marriage, the pace slows down with the epic “Tension.” Are humans meant to be monogamous? Is marriage a sacred union? Whose turn is it to take out the garbage? For some questions, there are no answers. All that we know is eventually the mounting pressure will explode.

Closing out the EP, “Prey” features lyrics composed by another immortal bard, none other than William Shakespeare. Hamlet’s fatal flaw was his procrastination, trying to put off the inevitable. Surely modern man, haunted by performance anxiety, can identify with a hero trying to hold out as long as possible, until a final flurry of activity brings his act to a tragic conclusion.

One, The Love Theme’s debut release, earned strong critical support, a #1 music video worldwide for it’s lead single “Timbo,” and a chart-topping dubstep remix of “Indian Girl.”

Known best for his work with The Notorious B.I.G., Notty Culture, and Charlie Sloth, Dominic’s genre-defying work as The Love Theme shows another side of this influential and prolific producer.

The lead single, “Boogaloo” is supported by a host of remixes including Dominic Owen’s disco edit, Germany’s ricciciomoto deep, dubby house mix and rising star of dubstep, Cottonmouth’s take on the original.

For more information contact Ben Cooper ([email protected]) or Andy Smith ([email protected])


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