We all have at least ONE gig that stays long in the memory and Roskilde might end up being mine!

Just like Zeppelin had their Madison Square Gardens in 73 or Knebworth in 79.  U2 had their Red Rocks in 83.  The Beatles had their Shea Stadium moment in whenever that was 🙂

Yep, they’re all bona fide rock stars..lol..which distinguishes them from me in a MASSIVE way, cause I ain’t even a famous DJ, but man, I had my moment too.  In my mind, it goes up there with what they had.

Yeah, I promise this is the last time, of my own volition, that I write about it, “anywhere”..lol..

So please allow me to have this one final ocassion to share it with you and to bury it once and for all..lol…

It was a gig, where within 10 minutes, I’d built up a crowd from around a 1000 to over 6000 kids, going nutz to dubstep!

So I finally found some time to get around to recording the mix, and thanks to my photographic memory (that got me through Law school), it pretty much duplicates what happened at that infamous gig on Friday 2nd July 2010 in Denmark.

You can read all about it in FULL HERE and you can also grab the tracklisting from the same place!

It’s all thanks to Mikael Planer that I have a tiny bit of the memory encapsulated on celluloid.

However, as I said in my FULL STORY (which, btw, I sold as an exclusive to The Sun Newspaper via Max Clifford..lol) it went even crazier than what was captured here on camera.  So what you see on the vid is, I’d say, about 60% of the nutz factor, as it just got crazier and crazier.

Thanks to Mikkel Munch Mortensen for the photo’s and somebody else too who sent me some, but I can’t remember who it was..lol…

If it was not for these photo’s I’d have no photographic memory of it either (except in my mind of course) cause I NEVER video or photograph any of my gigs.

You can listen to/or download the whole thing, including the commentary and tracklisting HERE (same link as above).

DJ UMB LIVE @ ROSKILDE 2010 by djumb

Starts off with some Zeppelin and all I’m gonna say is that there’s some Muse, Beatles and other stuff in there inna dubstep styleee including Rock, LeD ZepSTeP, Dubstep, Bare DubStep, Transnational DubSTeP, MeTalSTeP & PopSTeP.

Recorded live & one take @ Home ..lol…Pioneer CDJ’s 1000 MKII & DJM 600 mixer & unmastered!

Flaws, warts & all, f**k it, I only usually record once and so it’s rough around the edges.

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