The pic above, before you hear this track!

You know they say this town ain’t big enough for the two of dem, well, in H & M’s (HEARTBREAK & MUNCHI) case, man it is.

Heartbreak is painting the town red with Monsieur Munchi and this DEADLY duo just upped the stakes, by trying to out do each other, in the same game with:


BUT today, this is ALL about the HEARTBREAK kid man!

You know not much is known about this ENIGMA but legend has it that he proved to be an uncontrollable kid to his parents.  In the end he ran away after continous grounding by them for constantly finding stray pussy in his room.

The rumour goes that he continued to live out his existence as a FERAL child. Having survived in the wild on his own with no-one but a Munchi for company (lol..this is a joke btw….thought I better mention it, just in case) he excelled at music production and became one of the leading lights on the Moombahton scene, which led him back to joining civilization.

But his feral habits would not die and now, he is co-leading the way on the Moombahcore score to DRAMATIC and spell-binding effect!

Here is a choon to knock out even KING f***in’ KONG!

This is the sort of stuff you can expect from the forthcoming MOOMBAHCORE album on Generation Bass Digital by HEARTBREAK and the unmentionable ONE (lol).

Bet you got your wallets out already, and are salivating at the mouth and have probably come in your pants too, at this juicy and delicious prospect.

Well just imagine too, if Scarlett Johansson joins in the action in a menage a trois and does a guest vocal on a track.  You might just shiit yourself with xcitement.

NUFF said, (in a scouse accent!) calm “the f**K” down!!!

King Kong by David Heartbreak

The pic above, after you hear this track!


  1. if you need a clean version of King kong, with out the “N” word in into.. hit me on twitter @davidheartbreak

    1. I have no problem with that word provided it is being used by a person of black descent…now if a white or brown kid made/used it, I’d have a problem…we gotta reclaim the “N” word and the “P” word and neutralize the racism from it…

      Plus context matters…and this is like not a racist context at all

  2. some people from other cultures love the song, but are scared to play it because it says nigga every 5 seconds…

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