Gems from the TwentyTen

3...2...1...happy 2011!!! rewwwiiiiiinddddddddddddHours before the year departs us and a new one begins, I browsed through dozens of tracks that I received during the 2010. Many of these tracks came from my favorite music blogs and I want to take this opportunity to give a massive shoutout to all Read more [...]


My last Lazer Bass post of 2010.I think we're gonna see this genre grow and grow.  Of course the West Coast in the States is over-run with it already.GOLDRUSHSo let's start with an artist who will be one of the leading new revolutionaries in this scene, Generation Bass' very own homeboy GOLDRUSH!I Read more [...]

Music with Attitude!!!

It's been a while since i dropped rebellious stuff on Generationbass, mainly because now tons of artists can blend perfectly both, lyrics and great music. Many artists have a strong sense of reality, supporting and representing the whole artist community for a specific reason!!Today i am going to Read more [...]

Village kollektiv – Subvillage Sound (2010)

A while back while looking for balkan beats I came across Village Kollektiv's nazad EP. To my surprise, the EP, which offered some amazing sounds, was free for download. The VK Sidestepper remix of Nazad even got some play here on GB and by talent such as Beam Up & DJ Delay. I also gave it some Read more [...]


Moombahton, Moombahcore, BoombahChero, Moombia, now add MOOMBAY to that score!Bollywood inflected Moombahton!!!The Heartbreak kid has taken it Transnational, so this is Transnational Moombahton!!!But he did it some time ago and so here's the Remixes EP and here's what he says:Remixes, by Rampage Read more [...]

Dubstep Monday

Hi people, time for a few more Dubstep tracks.Skream As some of you might know already skream released a new Freeizm album on Christmas Day,  so grab yourself a copy. There are some huge unrealesed tunes from this year included (see 'Left The Room' ft. P Money), and some tracks where Skream shows Read more [...]


Mahler had his 5th Symphony, well, for what it’s worth, this is 5th Popstep Dub Symphony!Yeah, Vol. 5 in the series! That’s 5 in 1 year 😉I’d accumulated so much new stuff that I’m gonna do No. 6 very, very soon and it’s gonna be a special chilled type of Pop ViBe.But Read more [...]