Well, yesterday, we teased you with his KING KONG track to give you a taste of what to expect from the forthcoming HEARTBREAK & MUNCHI release on Generation Bass Digital.

Today, we give you a free EP containing the King Kong track and here’s what da Heartbreak kid says about it all:

This is the third installment to my Moombahma series. These three songs are all hot, but very different from each other. I experimented with something that I like to call moombahsoul, as you will hear with the shy day song. I also touched on the foundation of the original idea of moombahton, but expanded as well.  I also dabbled in moombahcore, and it turned out pretty well.

Here is the run down:

Shy day- This is one of my favorite songs, and best songs that I made so far. This is very sexy and if i had to be boxed into a style this would be it.  This is made for the dance floors, this something that I like to call moombahsoul. I sampled Sade’s no ordinary love, I always wanted to flip the song, but also not disrespect the song. the subtle cumbia elements, Chicago house, elements and neo soul elements, make this track and instant favorite. I put a lot of work in this track I hope you like it.

Arieto- This is famous Spanish sample that I flipped.  I wanted to create something that was more Latin and more dance friendly, this is truly a dance friendly song, this song is happy as hell lol… This idea and concept was presented to me, by  m.o.d, and once I heard the potential of the track I just flipped it and ran with it. the beep line in this song is so damn serious, and it knocks in the club, you’ll see….

King Kong – As you know munchi is my dude, and this is a sub genre that he created, I made this song a long time, ago, but sat on it for a while, Munchi kept telling me to push it, so i just sat down with the song in a dark ass room, with a bottle of Johnnie walker, and hit the red light and just went to work this is probably the most aggressive shit that I have ever made. i do not expect people to dance to this shit, or even play it in the club, but fuck it, every song has its place.. and this is the gutter….

Overall, there is a track for every mood that i was in while making this ep. i hope you enjoy it… more projects to follow soon….

Here is the EP, grab it now


  1. Wich Juan Luis Guerra song arre u samplin in Areito….then It just came to me now haha, that’s the same name of the original song, Areito, haha. Anyways: Genius sample! I been thinkin of samplin this song too for a long time ago, but forgot it…

    1000-Thanks soulmate 😉 for makin it real!
    The other tunes are MAD heavy too!

    Keep on w all the good work!

  2. Two things, if you need a clean copy of King Kong, without the “N’ hit me up [email protected]

    Also The H & M Moombahcore ALbum is going to be Bananas…. be scared, be very scared haha

    Gen Bass Digital !!!!!

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