It’s mixxxtape time again… this week’s selected selectas: PACHANGUITO, JACK B NIMBLE & ACTRAISER… plus a surprise late entry from DJ CRABBE!



Wicked Digital-Gypsy-Pachanga mix right here from Spaniard Pachanguito, connecting latin to flamenco to balkan sounds…


1. Intro
2. Just Move -Nickodemus feat. Mc Kwasi
3. Ventilaor R.80 -Ojos de Brujo feat. La Troba Kung Fu
4. Let’s Sexy -Mahala Rai Banda vs. Shantel
5. Changó -Ska Cubano (Dj Floro & Alex Acosta remix)
6. Barriokatz Balkan Cumbia -Rude Hi.Fi & Barriobeaterzs
7. Marcha de la Vida -Balkan Beat Box
8. Sabali -Amadou & Mariam (Uproot Andy remix)
9. Sin Oficio -Systema Solar
10. Luna y Sol -Manu Chao (Inti Che remix)
11. Kokuz -Dubiotza Kolektiv (Al Lindrum’s Bosnian Beans)
12. As One -Masala Sound System
13. Te Veo -Palenke Soultribe feat. Sr. Mendez
14. Se Despierta la Ciudad -Vicentico (Pachanguito remix)

Jack B Nimble

Jack B Nimble

This dude came to my attention via the Steak House Records blog where an awesome mash up mix of his was posted, with a track list which is just plain bonkers (he’s a DJ after my own heart), especially the Balkan / Psy Trance combo in the middle – it’s well worth heading over to check that mix out. I decided not to post it here, though, in favour of this new one from him, which is a little less hyperactive in terms of style… This one’s rootsy dubstep and digi-roots steppas all the way.

Lv – Cctc Ft. Dandelion
Clouds – Under The Dancing Feet Ft. Tiiu
Henry & Louis – Rise Up Ft. Steve Harper (Rsd Remix)
Sarantis – One Day Ft. Bunnington Judah
Ghosttown – Hidden Agenda Ft. Yt
Marcus Visionary – The General Remix Ft. Jahdan
Mahanee – No Joke Ting Ft. Solo Banton (Phokus Remix)
Blasta & Solo Banton – Burn Babylon Coke
12th Planet & Juakali – Reasons
Evergreen & Landlord – Jah Rain Ft. Danman
Pinch – Get Up (L.V. Disco Mix)
Zomby – The Lie (Lv Remix)

Download it: Jack B Nimble – Dub Wise Up Mix



Check this future garage-y mix from Actraiser… he calls it ‘The Deeper Side Of Dubstep’ but I’d question whether for the most part this is really dubstep – a lot of it is so far removed from, say, Cockney Thug (to pick an archetypal dubstep tune at random) that it seems wrong to lump it together in the same category (especially if we accept Drumstep as a distinct genre – as we seem keen to do round here – when it has far fewer structural differences with Dubstep). A lot on this mix is quite reminiscent of Burial (also wrongly labelled as dubstep IMO), except without Burial’s immense, crushing sense of loss, just a melancholy beauty. Later in the mix the beats get a little sparser and we’re back in what we might call chilled dubstep territory, but then the chilled out dubstep sound is basically the same as the psydub / psychill sound which existed before dubstep really took shape…
Anyway, it actually doesn’t matter at all what we call it, i just love genres and their evolution. This is an awesome mix, deep, thoughtfully selected & well mixed, I’ve listened to this about ten times since downloading… check it!

The Deeper Side Of Dubstep Vol. 1 (November 2010) by Actraiser

Actraiser – Losing You (Red Volume)
ARP XP – Surrounded (IGN:Ltd)
Phaeleh – Delusions (Afterglow)
Actraiser – Reflections (Dub)
Synkro – Just To See Her (Smoking Sessions)
Actraiser – Tiger Road (Dub)
Psychonaught – Concrete Seat (Dub)
Ethix – Breakin Bad (Mean Bucket)
Pariah – Orpheus (R&S)
Psychonaught – Granite (Dub)
George Fitzgerald – Painted Jezabel (Dub)
Actraiser – Hidden Shadows (Dub)
Synkro – Everybody Knows (Smoking Sessions)
Late – Losing You (Immerse)
Actraiser – Temple Of Trials (Stoke Audio)
Psychonaught – I Just Want You (Formant Recordings)
Actraiser – Kusagari (Dub)
Soul Sinners – Time To Leave This Place (Mode One)
Actraiser – Midnight Sonata (Dub)
Lostlojic & Bisweed – Will Be (Millions Of Moments)
Actraiser – Imaginarium (Echodub)

DJ Crabbe

demolition tape 8

And finally this… I’m only supposed to post 3 at a time but got sent this yesterday by B.YRSLF division and it’s fackin wicked, but I didn’t want to get rid of any of the others! No tracklisting for this one, they wanna keep it under their hats for now cos they got plans! It’s a dog eat dog world out there in the industry so I’m not gonna argue… anyway I implore you to check this mix out, it’s on a 3bal Guarachero thang and is AWESOME


(check more B.YRSLF division mixes at mixcloud!)


  1. Andy, big up on this post, some top-notch mixes full of dj talent, style and skill!!! This Pachanguito mix one of the best I’ve heard in a while, very inspiring. Thanks for the pointers about the other Jack B Nimble mix and your very own 70 in 80 and 15 in 15 mixes 😛 diggin the Israeli /Arabic style tunes in there 😛

  2. CRABBE IS A KILLA…so glad you managed to get that one in…and MY BAD for not listening to it at all before passing it your…but your appraisal made me wanna listen to it and SO BIG up, you did your job man..cause getting me to listen to mixtapes nowadys is an almighty struggle…


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