Welcome to New York City! Maybe you’ve been here, you were born in Brooklyn, or maybe you’ve seen it in movies but here are some facts: It’s dirty. It’s expensive as hell. And everyone’s in a rush. Always.

With these inherent evils though, comes one of the most amazing cross-cultural communities in the world. A truly unique, diverse, and magical little collection of islands comprised of business men & women, hustlers, loners, and familias. OH, and there’s music too ; )

UMB has given me “artistic license” with my feature over here so I’ve given it a lot of thought. I’m going to do my best at giving you a little snapshot of NYC, those that pass through it, and those who influence it from around the globe. I’ve got exclusive interviews lined up, show coverage planned, world premiers from upcoming and well-known artists, y que más…

Well, first how about a little download from our Spanish Papi, MENEO:

Dover – Dannayá (Meneo Remix) by MENEO

Now, you may remember him from over a year ago and his huge (and first!) remix of Crystal Fighers, “I Love London”. That was one of the few times I’ve heard merengue infused with dubstep and huge cumbia club sounds so effortlessly. Well he’s returned with a new remix for Dover’s, “Dannayá” and it’s another smash. Not as revolutionary, a bit more laid back, yet still super effective. Hey, indie rock bands around the world, take note: Meneo can and will turn your track into a dancefloor destroyer!

And to bring it all full circle, let’s take a listen to a new one from Dutty Artz and their New York Tropical comp:


You are now in tune to the sound of San Juan, Puerto Rico, La Ola Criminal and something that’s been labeled “mambo ragga crunk”. Ha, I love it. Seriously, I do. This is a great sound for 2011. It might be my favorite track of that new Dutty Artz release, although Shadetek’s, “This Is Love”, or new name (for me), Knight Magic also impressed with electro cumbia stylings.

Ok dama y caballeros, I must be on my way but let’s grow together. The internet has made many things possible so let’s capitalize. If you know of something that needs to be covered in NYC, your town, or the flip side of the world, let me know! Suggestions, comments, love, & hate also appreciated

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