This resonates with me on so many different levels.

1.  It’s one of the HOTTTTEST dubstep tunes of the year.

2.  It’s by Trentemoller, one of my all time favourite Electronica Producers.

3.   It’s from the new Silver Surfer movie, I think.   I LOVE Silver Surfer.  When I was a kid collecting comic books, he was my all time favourite SUPERHERO.  I just loved the way he looked, his enigma and the fact that he had this magic surfboard.

4. It’s been remixed by Abdullah S! 🙂

5. It’s pretty much an all-Danish production.

6. It’s on Generation Bass now and you’re listening to it.

7. What more can be said after that!

Sorry one more thing, thanks to my friend, Eva Pacifico, from for drawing it to my attention.  We’re both huge Trentemoller & Depeche Mode fans 🙂


  1. I could only wish it was gonna be on the ost for Silver Surfer. But I seriously doubt that, it’s an American film production, a marvel comic hero, and America wouldn’t be smart enough to include a dubstep tune like this into their movie. Wouldn’t it just fit perfect though?

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