So what do EXCISION, BASSNECTAR & DATSIK have in common with this post?

Well, they’re making SIKKKK DrumST3P beats together.

This must be the MUTHA of all menage a trois’…lol… 🙂


Talkin’ bout Bassnectar, he’s a big fan of our girl Unsub and so it’s only right that she opens up this post with a forthcoming DrumST3P tune.

This is from her second release on Generation Bass Digital, “Exhibit B” EP, which will be hitting the digi stores next year and trust me it’s gonna floor the lot of you when you hear it.

This is what we call, TRANSNATIONAL DRUMST3P!

Unsub – Rio de la Fuego [dub] by Unsub


These dudes include our boy, Mike, aka DJ EKIM, founder of the Drumstep forum.

This is his new project and man I gotta say, this is very, very encouraging stuff.  They’re taking a new-ish angle on the Drumstep front and I’m always happy to hear that.  So methinks, they’re a name to watch out for.

Here’s what they say about themselves:

The invaders from mars are here and ready to kill any dancefloor!!!

When cleveland underground house legend digital bill and south florida ragga up and comer dj ekim met years ago in cleveland they instantly got along and started to make music right away.

Over the years they collaborated on different mixes and tunes. now that their musical careers have finally lined up so that they can concentrate on one single project they jumped on the chance and invaders from mars was born.

Both of these djs/producers are killers on their own and the music that they have been making so far is some of the most intense peak hour stuff out there with many more tracks and dj sets on the way.

Whoa!-Invaders From Mars by INVADERS FROM MARS!!!



You might think, Dstruct.O’s always on here man!  Well, the truth is, he is.

That’s because, not only is he supa-proficient BUT he also makes friggin’ KILLA tunes!

Dstruct.O-The Bass Monster (Drumstep) by Dstruct.O

Dstruct.O-Transformers (Drumstep) by Dstruct.O

Dstruct.O ft Central Slang – Dubcity Mosh (Drumstep) by Dstruct.O


I really like this a lot.

He describes it as Crungle Jungle remix but I reckon it could pass for DrumST3P.

Monica – when the beat drop ft dem franchize boyz (jeff rabena remix) by jeff rabena


This is Onet Vlad and he’s from Bucharest, Romania and this is his first DrumST3P track and  man it’s shockingly good!

Bong – Pluck DRUMSTEP by BongDubstep


Some more Transnational DrumST3P but this time of the ambient variety!

We were holding this tune back for the next Secret Archives of the Vatican release but we had a major computer problem and have probably lost the original master file. So – we’ll probably remix it anyway, even if the computer files are recoverable. So, here’s the mp3 as a free download. Let us know what you think.

Secret Archives of the Vatican___ Mesopotamian Homesick Blues by Vince Millett


Murda aka Chris Murtomaki from the States and here’s a bunch of tracks, a noice mix between Dubstep & DrumST3P…killaR..killaR…choons!

Murda’s Discography by MurdaSD


Here’s Arctor with, I believe, his second ever DrumST3P track and it’s another heavvy hitter.  This dude is also from Romania!

Arctor – Mammoth (drumstep) by Arctor


He’s free to explore uranus but NOT

This is ICELANDIC DrumST3P.  You see we’re truly TRANSNATIONAL!

This is DOPE  shiit man, biggest Icelandic shit since Bjork, Sigur Ros and my dubstep dude, Noduz 😉

This will leave you Icy Hot!

Exploration of Uranus by th0rmusic

Sfinx (LED remix) by th0rmusic


This is a dude from London and man this is seriously heavy shiit man, dead impressed, I am.

I wonder what TMC stands for, could be TaStE mY……….

Whatever  it stands for this, miss this at your own peril and I’d grab downloads supa-quick before they all disappear.

The Victim (final) by TMC!! Dubstep

Think About You by TMC!! Dubstep

Fuck You Up (Final) by TMC!! Dubstep


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