It would be great to win 2 awards in 1 week.

So PLEASE vote for Generation Bass FIRST Lady and (even before she became that) Baile Funk Princess, Zuzuka, as MTV’s Iggy Artist of the week.

No registration, giving of e-mail addresses or other complexities involved, just a simple click in a box.


Born and raised in Brazil, the half-Indonesian human baile funk boombox known as Zuzuka Poderosa currently scorches ears from a home base in Brooklyn. The funk Carioca spitfire regularly works and performs with cutting-edge DJs, rappers, and funk heavyweights on both sides of the equator. She recently did a guest turn on Iggy fave Sub Swara’s new album Triggers. Oh, yeah, and she’s a poet. Like, as in a poet poet. Check out our Bands We Like column about her here!

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