Do you know what is Neo Baile Funk? So just hear this new produce of duo S2pid Pro’s. They knew exactly what is mix eletronic music with baile funk music. I can’t explain better the music or the Neo Baile Funk, this is a auto-explain song!

S2pid pro’s – Lumpia


This new producer from Rio de Janeiro made a new, fresh, hot and amazing remix of MC Marcelly song. A remix using a lot of funk carioca influence and bmore influence.

Johnny Ice – Groove da danada


There is a new DUO in Rio de Janeiro the Hot Plate, making some fresh and interesting remixes. First the new mashup from duo, using alot of baile funk influence and 80’s sound. In the second, simple edit but put a touch of brasilian sound in the charm sound of Chromeo:

(p.s.:just to explain, the figure is a horse made by wood. Transliterating is Cavalo de Pau in portuguese, at title of first music. It’s to make some sense…)

Gonna make you boladona no cavalo de pau

Chromeo – hot mess (hotplate baile funk mix)


Dj from blog Global Libre is starting your own carrier of producer. I guess it happens because when you heard a lot of remix, have to decide if the produce is good or not, you’re initiating in be a good producer. Well, I only guess, what i know is: he got nice productions!! Check it now:

DJ – Doll Fuuuunk!

DJ – 1. Baile Funk Liga


We found a nice mixtape of baile funk. It’s from a london guy name SAIRANDOM. He started the set with nice baile funk and finish it with some electrofunk. A nice mixtape who we really enjoyed to heard.

Mixatape – SaiRandom


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