In three days it’ll be “días de las velitas” in Colombia which marks the begining of Christmas time. People really get excited about it even the “antis” and the atheists ! December is all about working less and partying with a lot of tropical music. The whole street feels really happyer in spite of poverty and civil war. People close the streets, play football, grill some beef and boil soup together on real fires. We should remember that actually, we are all very similars if we think about it…: jews have Jánuka, catholics “días de las velitas“, scandinavians “up helly Aa“, etc. Well, we all play with fire aren’t we ? Let’s play with fire hot mixes that Generation Bass is providing for you to spend a real good month of december in a colombian style ! If it’s not downloadable, just ask Santa Klaus, allright, ja ja !

Photo credit: Woman of scorn

1. Sonido Martines – Sonambulo Orientalista mix

Sonido Martines-Sonambulo Orientalista mix by sonidomartines

2. Frente Cumbiero – El Colera mixtape


3. Frente Cumbiero – Rompetrinche mixtape


4. Canalh – Combia ! El Camino del café

Canalh – Combia ! (el camino del cafe) by Canalh [kanaj]

5. Nopalero Phunq – 500 años sin ti (DOWNLOAD IT: FREE)

quinientos anos sin ti mix by Nopalero Phunq

6. Nopalero Phunq – el pueblo cumbia mix (DOWNLOAD IT: FREE)

el pueblo cumbia mix by Nopalero Phunq

7. Offbeatterrorist – 28 minutes in Cartagena (DOWNLOAD IT: FREE)

28 minutes in Cartagena by offbeatterrorist


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