Another edition of Certified Bangers®..
This edition is dedicated to Heavyweights!!
So before we start with the soundcloud stuff..
a free album, in where you’ll find 2010 Latin Grammy winners Chocquibtown feat Voltio, plus Nina Dioz +Li Saumet +el remolon and Villadiamante new track, Chito Rock new song and Dj Reganomics Mambo Violento!!
four epic songs free!!!
click here

this one is a FREE DOWNLOAD!!
A soon to be heavyweight Munchi gets Redefined by heavy contender Daniel Klauser aka Don Conejo in a GlobalBass version!
Caballo & Munchi + Don Conejo -Ruas de grecia (Daniel Klauser remix) by caballo
This one is the biggest Latino dancefloor star after shakira
Don OMAR dropping a cumbia!!!
Free Download!!
Vakero Feat. Don Omar – Que Mujer Tan Chula (Official Remix) (By. De La Fuente) (LaCoquillita.Com) by Tr3Flow
Mambo is taking the globalbass treatment
drops Chupa Chupa
Chupachupa feat. Mc Caballo by dj reaganomics
Now.. mainstream’s new sensation..Chito Rock!!
Free Download
Chito Rock – Timbara – LMP by lmp

One of the most influential musicians from france is Sargento Garcia..
he belongs to the same elite with Manu Chau, and Fermin Muguruza.
I personally love his songs too much.. but when he is doing a DJ act.. he is dope as well!!
Petrona martinez gets Sargento Garcia’s treatment
Mash up by sergent garcia / j.holt vs petrona Martinez by sergent garcia
the girl who sings in Bomba estereo is also with heavyweights Villa diamante, el remolon and Niña Dioz
Free download
La Cumbia Prohibida (Prod. by El Remolón & Villa Diamante) by Remezcla
Now!! MAN!!!
This band is like putting together DIE ANTWOOD and SCHLACHTHOFBRONX!!
My personal favorite band of 2010.. very bangerosa.. filthy.. hot.. and still underground..
i really hope they make it big.. cuz it is ill!!
Compadre – None of them by compadremusic
Reaggeton Heavyweight

Daddy Yankee
dropping his usual hot tunes!! FREE DOWNLOAD
Daddy Yankee Ft. Jory – Pata-Boom (LaCoquillita.Com) (Mundial Prestige) by Tr3Flow
Dancehall heavyweight!!
Elephant MAN
Elephant Man – Shake It (Lunice Remix) by Lunice


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