It was supposed to be just another ZZK. With Super Guachin, El Remolon and Mono Azul as invited guests. But after Fede’s passing every single ZZK artist in Argentina showed up to play, some for just 10 minutes. Frikstailers travelled 10 hours to come play. Lot’s of friends did Fauna versions with Color-kit the other half of Fauna. Anyways… Was quite emotional and was a really kick ass party and show of ZZK family love.



  1. what a lost, and what a party they threw for his respect… listening to the middle video clip right now and I must say, it is the best set i’ve listened to…ever? Seriously so much energy and intention behind it and wow these guys know what they are doing down in s.amerika. Cumbia, bass, dancehall, uk funky, footwork and more all mixed up to perfection, seriously! This is a great memorial of the voice of Fauna Federico and i hope they make it an annual event in his name.

    keep that fiyah burning!

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