what is cooler than a DJ cremoso remix?
a Dj cremoso Cumbia!!
Losing My Religion – Dj Cremoso Remix.(Rüstico Mashup) by Dj Rüstico
Sebastian Chavarri is the name of the guy who made this track!!
but it says nothing for you.. his Dj name is Dj Rüstico!! and perhaps it says nothing as well.. BUT let me tell you..
he’s played with my good friend Dj Karim, who showed me a tune of rustico, and i was in love…with his sound!!
He’s Argentinian, although he lived in brazil for few years and also in Spain..
Brazilian Cumbia!!
De dar Dor – Dj Dolores (Rüstico Cumbia Mashup) by Dj Rüstico
Few days ago Jurgen from asian dub foundation blog sent me a tune from rustico…
and it was the tune i had heard before!!
Watcha Clan!! Cumbia!!
Balkan Qoulou – Watcha Clan (Rüstico Cumbia Mashup) by Dj Rüstico
BBB goes Cumbia
Balkan Beat Box – Adir Adirim (Rüstico Mashup) by Dj Rüstico
Cumbia Hermetica – BBB (Rüstico Mashup) by Dj Rüstico
final for today is this cumbia banger!
La Bicha Cumbianchera – Bebe (Rüstico Mashup) by Dj Rüstico


  1. what a thing! Perfect cumbia remixes of a great selection of tunes! Dope post Caballo, thanks for brining Rustico to our attention!

    Rustico: thanks for making these great tunes available!

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