Antoine manuel - Painted Mask

Welcome to an expedition of global bass  sounds from the cloud. Focusing on music that makes you feel oh so good in the morning and throughout the day.

Our first stop is with Six Degrees Records who just posted, for our streaming pleasure, their phenomenal upcoming release (2/2/11) BROWNOUT – AGUILAS AND COBRAS (REMIXED AND REGROOVED) and what a thing I tell ya!

Take the psychedelic latin funk sounds of Aguilas and Cobras, Brownout’s latest release, and unleash a squad of talented electronic music producers and musicians on it such as  Tal Klein, Mexican Dubwiser, Afrolicious, and J-boogie. The result is a sabrosito selection of tunes that is a blend of house, funk, dub, reggae, house, and all-around globalisism!

My favorite pick so far must be The Mexican Dubwiser remix.
06 Chanclas De Ninja [(Mexican Dubwiser Remix)].mp3 by SixDegreesRecords

Moving along to another groove rocker, Benny Berigan (DK), and a top-notch Swing-Tech tune. Once that bassline drops, so would you! Start your day with this beatiful creation, and things are sure to swing your way. This one is sure to rock the dancefloor silly!

rascalito’s (live version) by Benny Berigan

Antoine+Manuel -  Chimereiii
Antoine+Manuel - Chimereiii

Arriving next is:

Flore – a name you must be getting used to by now, is my global bass Diva. She’s been updating her blog regularly with well-worth reading posts. I follow her groove where ever it takes me. This time about, it is to a dirty electro remix of her tune “Get It In” by Hanuman Tribe. Go ahead, get it in ya, grab this free tune now.

Let us decend slowly off the cloud with the dubby tunes of Master Margherita:
Master Margherita & Andrea Esperti – African Voyage [test2] by master margherita

and to a  soft landing…
Master Margherita – Miss Yu [test2] by master margherita

hope you enjoyed the journey and thanks for flying air-wizraeli 😛

Antoine & Manuel - Jupiter
Antoine & Manuel - Jupiter


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