Trans Tribalism (4 guys who wear leopard print pants!) ….Glam it up boyz…lol..

The second in my Tribalismo series.

I thought it was about time, AGAIN (for the second time this year) that I just threw a bunch of great percussive driven Kuduro-esque, Dub-Tropical, Funky, Balkan, Global Ghettotech, Tribal Guarachero, GuaracheroSTeP, Tropical Bass, Tropical House, Moombahcore and Moombahton tracks into the mix.

It’s kinda like my winter mix 2010 of tracks that I really love and have been listening to recently outside of Dubstep and Cumbia 🙂

So this is Trans Tribalism Volume II!

Last time it was for guys who wear make up and this time it’s for the same guys but who also wear leopard print pants!!..LOL!!!

It includes some exclusive and unreleased tracks forthcoming on Generation Bass Digital!!

It also includes tracks by forthcoming Generation Bass Digital artists like, Munchi, Sabbo, Sheeqo Beat & one or two nameless others 🙂

It also includes new stuff by the likes of Flore, Kassiano, Bert On Beats, Daniel Haaksman’s Man Recordings and also a good measure of Schlachthofbronx, Girl Unit and some other stuff.

I can’t be arsed with the Tracklist!

Recorded Live/one take – Pioneer CDJ 1000’s & DJM Mixer! (Unmastered)

TRANS TRIBALISM VOL II (4 guys who wear leopard skin pants!) (NOV 2010) by djumb

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