Cabeza net label is giving a X-MAS super gift with 2 epic
FREE releases!!

They have dropped Cumbia’s new master GUX SWADHARMA and the always amazing Kinky Electric Noise, whose sound goes from hiphop cumbia or chichera, to e-champeta or pure digi-cumbia!!

These are some of the songs you’ll find on K.E.N’s album!!
and on the second part of the post you’ll find something from the “future” ( UMB vox)

Download Kinky Electric noise

Campesino Urbano

Kinky Electric Noise – Campesino Urbano (Dub) by Kinky Electric Noise
Yo me llamo cumbia

EPHNIKO, Kinky Electric Noise and Carlito Sway – Yo Me Llamo Cumbia by Kinky Electric Noise

Unitone HiFi – Hang On (Kinky Electric Noise Chicha Remix)

Unitone HiFi – Hang On (Kinky Electric Noise Chicha Remix) by Kinky Electric Noise

The Second Great release is one we posted before on GB than anyone else, but it has made such impact that he has been covered on cumbia poder, also by el hijo de la cumbia’s emayo cutz or the awesome folCORE website!

Gux Swadharma!!

This guy is one in a kind!!

He’s been around for a long time, but only til he moved to folklore, he joined the elite from nu cumbia masters such as our own Sonido del Principe, or El hijo de la Cumbia, or even Pernett.

His style is unique, giving the chance of cumbia to breathe and expand with new sounds and compass

and these are the songs you’ll get..
although you’ll get separated tracks 😉

CANDELA MACHINE by Gux Swadharma

And now with all respect i’ll emulate my pal DJ UMB by saying that this is from the future..

perhaps one of the first 2011 GenBass EXCLUSIVE that will be released in January also as separated tracks

Wepaje Fish

WEPAJE FISH by Gux Swadharma


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