Our matey, DJ Russ Jones aka Hackney Globe Trotter just dropped this, his Winter Banger Mix.

Now, if you’re coming from overseas to London and want a gig, ask this dude and he “might” be able to do something for you.  Don’t ask me cause all I’ll do is refer you to him..lol..cause I am NOT a promoter throwing wild parties each week!

He calls himself “Hackney Globe Trotter” because:

1. He’s from Hackney

2. He travels the Globe frequently (bet you he’s got some awesome freq flyer points..lol..)

3. Trotter, cause I think he’s related to Del Boy 😉

Here’s what he says:

An early Christmas present for all. Straight out of Hackney, Poland, Colombia, Argentina, Serbia, Congo, Jamaica, U.S.A, Denmark, SA, Puerto Rico , Brazil and NY. Many basses covered and something for everyone. Enjoy

HGT Winter Banger Mix 2010 by Hackney Globe Trotter

1. Jump & Skip (Original Reggae Version), Dreadsquad & Ward 21

2. Latin Funk, Mandril

3. Homenaje a Benny Moré, Gente De Zona

4. Oh Yeh Soweto, Teaspoon & The Waves

5. Here Comes Foamo (Moombahton Edit), Nadastrom

6. Cashasa, Pinduca

7. The Latin Swing, Giano

8. El Cepollo (DJ Punish 2010 Bootleg), Fulanito

9. La Inconformable (Shazalakazoo Remix), The Binary Cumbia Orchestra 3 MB

10. Adidas to Addis, Cut Chemist

11.This Is The Beat, Andy H

12. Super K , Diblo With Loketo

13. Khubani , J.K. Mayengar & The Shingwedzi Sisters

14. The Freedom Riders ,  Harold Jackson & The Jackson Brothers

15. KIngston Town, Alberosie

16. KIngston Town (Uproot Andy Remix), Alberosie

17. Murderer (Diplo & JAYOU Remix) , The Partysquad

18. Whip It, Devo

19. Balkan Ska, Christian Winninghoff The Hi Hornz Project

20. Rio De Hackney, Correspsondents

21. Tenha Fé Pois Amanhã Um Lindo Dia Val Nascer, Os Originais Do Samba

22. Oriental Twist, Pete Drake

23. cumbia de las Ovejas,  Orquesta Italian Jazz

24. Deep Shadows, Little Ann

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