This dude is one of the shining lights of the Lazer Bass scene, he makes incredible music and he has just released some more brilliant new stuff.

Here’s what he says:

Just a little release i put together today for download. each track has a minimum of 1.00 USD purchase price or name your price, or a minimum 2.00 USD purchase price for the whole ep (2 tracks).

The sound is consistent with my steez… bass, beats, sexy, heavy, dance, dubstep…

This is who he is:

Giant robot lazer battles; tender mechanized love-making; the blinking blips and bleeps of artificial intelligence communications: these are the computerized moods that will wash over you in the most calculated of ways. +verb (pronounced “Adverb” by humans) is a new blog favorite in the genre of bass. #

Recently featured on Soundcloud’s “What’s Hot” list for his collaboration with Stephan Jacobs, the world is anxiously preparing for an invasion of his robotic army. And with a recent EP on Car Crash Set, a forthcoming remix of Starkey on Civil Music, a forthcoming EP on Vermin Street, a forthcoming EP on Muti, and the collab with Stephan Jacobs about to drop, it may just be time to start listening to the demands of our new robot overlords.

This is a forthcoming track, which is just one of the best things I have heard in this scene.

Wutwutwut by +verb

Here is a mix:

So here it goes… i owe you guys a mix!

many blogs have asked for a mix, but i realize now that i am just way too busy with university… so hopefully this can feed your appetites for the time being. please share the mix and get the word out about +verb. cheers everybody!

Xmas 2010 Mini-mix (FREE DOWNLOAD) by +verb


BLIND DREAMS w/ Stephan Jacobs


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