WTF is this, nice name for an attempted new sub-genre.

I’m a huge sucker for covering new sub-genres, simply because a lot of people hate new sub-genres but I find that funny.  I’m not saying this is a new sub-genre but it is a new attempt to create one!

Here’s what he says:

all information secrets and stuff about the phenomena of 3PungdKurt and 3PungdRAVE!!! it is going to be big!!!

Not sure if it’s going to be BIG or even spiral into a new sub-genre cause it could fit in the Chip Bass category but it’s certainly interesting:

3PungdKurt – computer says ahoi! – FREE DOWNLOAD – by 3PungdKurt

3PungdKurt – nazi girl 2 by 3PungdKurt

3PungdKurt – donkey meets kong by 3PungdKurt

3PungdKurt – copperhead 2 PREVIEW by 3PungdKurt

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