Is there anything cooler than a great song with a tropical flavor? and if we all know the song…it is even better!!
Heat your day.. Calienta tu alma!
And who better to start the tropical Avalanche than folklore Master, Pernett!!
Free Download.. GRAB all of them While you can.. (few left)
Sing it back (Tambora Remix)
Sing it back (Tambora Remix) by Pernett
Manu Chau.. i wish this one was still free ;(
EGON: Mr Bobbiness (alternate master) by EGON
Rolling stones cumbianized by Pernett (free Dl)
Sympathy for the Devil (VoodooMix) by Pernett
Pernett also does an e-champeta of Where’s your head at!! (free dl)
Where’s Your Head At Champetúa by Pernett

Although my man, el Maki aka El Kachaco efectivo, is one of the driving forces of Champeta, he’s dropped a great cover with this champeta-soukous flavor
Tres pajaritos by El Kachaco Efectivo

Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood – Freak Castro Tropical Remix by FreakCastro

This one starts super cheesy..but it gets better after 20 seconds
Cumbia del deseo..Free DL
Cumbia del Deseo (Maná vs Sabaneros del Valle & Todos tus Muertos) by drxl
If you havent heard the Cumbia n roll that was HUGE in the 60’s and early 70’s.. here it is the original

and the cover
very well (punk hard core champetudo)
Very Well (punk hardcore champetuo) by El Kachaco Efectivo

My bro UMB put this one yesterday..

Last one
Pibes Chorros Vs Damian Marley
Welcome to JamCumbia, Gladiator! (Pibes Chorros vs Damian Jr. Marley) by Dj Txamuyo


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