You know, Generation Bass is more than just a dance or transnational club label.

First and foremost we LOVE music.  It therefore follows that we will sign and release records by artists who we really dig and love and feel very, very passionate about.

Thus, as I advised you at the beginning, when the label came into being, expect the unexpected.  That’s what you ought to expect with us!  My task is keep you constantly surprised, perplexed, guessing and sometimes scratching your head.

You might not get it right now but maybe you will a few years down the

Lord Cry Cry is an artist I have been waiting for all of my life.  If you could hear what I have already heard, you would be sitting here with your jaw hitting the floor.

He is our GREAT WHITE HOPE…ahahahaha…..sounds sooo southern doesn’t one of my heroes, Neil Young, might have something to say about that 🙂

No, honestly, I am so damn excited about this artist cause he embodies so much of what I LOVE……part Tom Waits…part John Lee Hooker… Part Dubstep…..Part SurfStep….part PsychoBilly…..mostly GENIUS!

This is music for the SOUL and a reminder to those who sold their souls…ie.. Robert Johnson…

If there is any justice, I think a dude like this ought to be supporting some of the biggest rock bands on earth and playing sold out stadiums if he could duplicate what he does with a LIVE band!!!

Here’s an introduction into Lord Cry Cry’s mind.

It’s a mix which will enable you to see into a tiny bit of his MADNESS & GENIUS but without giving too much away as to the forthcoming release.

Don’t go into this mix expecting Tropical Bass or Cumbia but do expect lashings of Classical stuff, Blues, Jazz, Dubstep and some other really weird shiit.  A man after my very own heart!

It’s one of my top 3 mixes of 2010 and this dude is one of my Top Artists of 2011!

Its About When it Came Out. Lord Cry Cry live at Transmediale 10 by Lord Cry Cry

The first vid to his forthcoming release is coming soon and so just prepare for it, cause this release is gonna knock you for six!!!


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