Vienna´s KU BO returns with a big boom. After four acclaimed EPs, KU BO tracks have been licensed to Crookers “I Love Techno” compilation, Buraka Som Sistema´s “Fabric Live” mix, and played out by everyone from Brodinksi to Diplo.

Now KU BO returns with his “Kawaida” EP. The EP presents five new tracks from the low end territories, put into groove location on the African continent.

With singers Topoke from the Congo, Joyce Muniz from Brasil, Daniecell from Mexico and Anbuley from Ghana, he jam-packs

a trans-global crew of vocalists with a kaleidoscope of nu-millennium Afro-metropolitan groove science; all mixed up with the philosophy of Kawaida – an ongoing synthesis of African thought and practice in constant exchange with the world.

This collection of tropical bangers is a perfect example of the synergy between African influences and domestic club music.


Switch: „Safe! Much needed!“

Feadz: „Really like it! Big Up!“

Sinden: „Big Fan Of Ku Bo, can´t do any wrong!“

Untold: „Yes! More fire from you guys, maximum booost!“

Riton: „Good werk guys!“

Renaissance Man „Ku Bo is my favourite from the Man Rec stable!“

Schlachthofbronx: „And You Is Top! Will play!“

Mixhell: „Austria got phat beats!“

Ramadanman: „Thanks!”

Daniel Haaksman: “Love And You and Lefe!”

Scottie B: „Love Bula Matari!“

Malente: „First 3 tracks are dope!“

Tomb Crew: „And You Is Amazing!“

Spoek Mathambo „Can´t Wait To Play This Out!“

Flore: „Love This Pack!“

Top Billin´: „Love „And You““

Mumdance: „Massive! Love Ku Bo“

Nic Sarno „Love The Ku Bo Style“

Wildlife!: „Sumanita Is Poor Fire!“

Bert On Beats: „Ku Bo is always inspiring, super release!“

Isa GT: „Excellent release!“

Chernobyl „And You Is My Fav“

Jamie Anderson: „Love all tracks here – dope!“

Martelo :„This is awesome!“

Tim Turbo „Exactly the right amounts of ethno-overload and dancemusic“

Shir Khan. „I love those futuristic rhythms by Ku Bo“

Motorpitch: „Bula Matari is my favourite!“

Sabo: „Monsters all of them!“

DJ Umb „And You is Big“

Grab Ku Bo´s “Lefe” feat. Anbuley from here:

Ku Bo – Lefe feat. Anbuley by MANRECORDINGS

Buy the EP from today on all major download platforms such as Beatport, Itunes, JunoDownload or ZeroInch.

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