If you’ve seen my previous posts, you know that I am a fan of Watcha Clan. The group manages to infuse rocking live beats with electronic vibes and global bass! Balkan, African, Middle-Eastern, French, Gypsy influences in French, English, Arabic, Hebrew and Spanish languages. With releases going back to 2001, the band continues to reinvent itself musically and to stay on the universal pulse.

Clem passed me some promos from the new album, Radio Babel (release data: 02.14.2011), and you can expect it to continue to redefine and refine the world music genre.

This video has been getting quite de-buzz on French and world music blogs. It captures the energy of Watcha Clan live, and previews the song, Hasnaduro, off their new album which will be released on the Piranha Musik label (also home for Dunkelbunt). (Wait until you hear “Im Nin Alu”, it has been playing in my head for weeks, they literally digitalized a classic Jewish tune into a Balkan bass monster with Arabic remixed into it !)

Stay tune as the release date arrives, we will keep you posted here on GB.

According to Clem there will be a new version of this FlamencoHop refix of the popular revolutary song, EL QUINTO REGIMIENTO, on the new album: Check out a moving acoustic performance of the song from earlier this year and the soundcloud link for download of a studio recording.

grab it here:


The Watcha Clan is about bringing change through music. Guided by the great visions of Sista K, the main singer, the group travels France and the world bringing people from different cultures to jam together. Here are a couple videos of workshops led by the Clan that resulted in spectacular cross-cultural collaboration and phenomenal jam sessions.



Join the WatchaClan movement now, help spread their message and bring them to your own town!

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  1. Hi Bro, nice art on your flicker, mind if we use it as art in some of our posts? I love the 8inch floppy media, totally retro and totally works!

    Yea their version of QUINTO REGIMIENTO is dope, i can’t wait to hear the new version of it!

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