Am back with the December addition thanks for the feedback on the last post keep the suggestions coming I love hearing new stuff. Artwork this month by EmThree/Arun.


Over the last year this UK girl (no girls in Chipmusic she must be lying) has released some of the best chip-dub ever it is all an incredibly smooth blending of Chip, vocals and a loving respect for Jamaican styles.  The first one contains samples from the movie Amelie mixed in with a Ragga accapella and some killer drum programming.The second and my favourite is a bit more wobbly and sees her recording her own vocals. The last two are older tracks that I put in here for sake of completeness.. Hopefully be seeing a lot more material coming out soon as there is definite demand for it (Ameile Sensei was sitting at Number 1 on 8bitcollective charts a few weeks ago).

Amélie Sensi by bitmuch

Ratatat Dub by bitmuch


Bam dub by bitmuch

Where the ragga man go by bitmuch



I will let Yorkie, the master of Gameboy wobbles explain himself in the interview below 😛 but safe to say Cheapshot (englishman living in Japan) is one of the standout proponents of the currently overcrowded chipstep sound and I think we will hear him continue to develop his sound long after the fakers and imitators have given up. Seeing his live show this guy really knows how to deliver bass and now he just needs to release some of these new tracks that are hinted at in the video below (also included an older track.. you can check out the whole debut release that the track is off here)

GVA Chipmusic – Cheapshot from Game Video Addiktz on Vimeo.

Kidney Punch by cheapshot


This young fellow from Swansea in the UK has been consistently coming out with stuff over the past few years and is actually getting remarkably good. He does a whole lot of hard trance style stuff which we can forgive him for that because he has also written the two tracks below which are nicely original and very grimy.

Washout by Byzanite

Insomniac by Byzanite


Some Russian chipstep.. one of these tracks (Suck my dick) just got put up on the Micromusic page, so I thought it called for some attention drawn to this guy.. he hasn’t released his wobbly chip bass stuff officially yet but there are some very nice individual tracks floating around.

Circadian Rhythms download

Suck my Dick download

Plain Flavored

Now I don’t want to be constantly pushing one type of sound / style that I think all Chip Bass should be, a lot of the tracks I pick to feature are purely personal Favourites. Stylistically this track is unlike almost anything else even in the broader chipmusic scene, but it is heavy and has chunky unrelenting bass kicks and throbs. It is taken from a release that in itself switches and changes regularly, super original and super innovative. Stream the whole thing here and download the new release here.


Another Goat Tracker (C64) tune and by the super talented ??? no less. This is a seriously killer track and I don’t think I will ever get enough of dubby Commodore 64 stuff.. MOAR PLZ K THNX!!

Foreign Traveller Download

Mobb Beep

Some mental Game Boy breakcore type stuff from Denmark. First release I have seen from him and it is pretty crazy. You can download the whole release here. I have put a stream and download of what I think is the standout track but the whole release is very varied and worth a listen if you are in the mood for a headfuck.

Basschod feat. Lisbent Download

Producer Snafu

The Beclouded Guilt Of Nothing That Never Was Cover Art

Californian Producer Snafu is better known in Breakcore circles than Chipmusic, but this is actually a very authentic sounding Chip-style EP. The whole EP is a pay what you like download and covers stuff that is more straight up dubstep and some other stuff that is more chip.. all in all a very solid listen.


Super netlabel Bleepstreet are about the only chipmusic netlabel that charge for their releases this means they consistently deliver incredibly high quality music (in high quality formats as well!!) They have just announced that their next release will be some “true chipstep” from 486. This is surely going to be an incredible release, with 486’s Nintendub being one of my favourite releases of this year (hear the album as a continuous mix below). Also this facebook video has some of his new stuff that is likely to be on the Bleepstreet release

Nintendub EP (continuous mix) by the 486 kid™

thanks heaps and see you next year!!!


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