Musica Donum Dei is a series of posts that I (Caballo) started last December and it’s my picks for 2010.

It is not a “the best of” necessarily; because it’ll be totally unfair with hundreds of producers, djs and artists who dropped amazing tracks during 2010..

This is my second MUSICA DONUM DEI. and it is a CUMBIA !!!

Before starting with the countdown.. i’d like to drop a cumbia called or Cumbia Rebelde (REBELSOUNDS), because it is dedicated to all the people/artists/deejays who still drop free music with attittude
Caballo & TMFK-Rebelsounds (Cumbia Rebelde) by caballo

OK.. back to the DONUM DEI CUMBIA

I didn’t want to base this post in only my i asked one of the most active (if not the most) cumbia commentator on soundcloud and DOS MUNDOS RADIO host DJ LINTERNA, to help me out with making a dope top!!!

so here it is!!!

15 La Cumbia del Tigre by Jairomendez & mr. ioso
Jairomendez & mr. ioso – intergalactic cumbia of the tiger by mr. ioso

14 Perfume de gardenias-santos
Perfume de gardenias-santos rmx by santos

13 Yo Me Llamo Cumbia– Kinky Electric Noise
EPHNIKO, Kinky Electric Noise and Carlito Sway – Yo Me Llamo Cumbia by Kinky Electric Noise

12 Broken Via– Los Reyes de la Milanga
Broken via-Sandro Dalepedro (Los reyes de la milanga remix) by losreyesdelamilanga

11 Fever (la cumbia)– Juan Pablo Shuk
Fever la lupe cumbia by jp shuk

10 Coral – Dany F
Dany F – Coral by Dany F

09 Portobello– Sandro Dalepedro
Sandro Dalepedro – Portobello (St. germain keys) by Peppa – Sandro Dalepedro

08 Sudor de cumbia– Acorde On
Sudor de cumbia by Acorde On

07 Champion Cumbia– Gameboy
Champion Cumbia by Gameboy

06 Cumbia Voladora Bleepolar
Cumbia Voladora by Bleepolar

05 Cumbia Gorilla by Jairo “campesino” Mendez
Cumbia Gorilla by jairomendez

ZZK & Copia Doble Systema
– Doble Troble feat. Catar sys
Copia Doble Systema – Doble Troble feat. Catar sys by zzkrecords

03 Made in China– Copia Doble Systema
Copia Doble Systema – Made in China (PREMIX) by COPIA DOBLE SYSTEMA

02 Wepaje Fish! by Gux Swadharma
WEPAJE FISH by Gux Swadharma

01 Bacardi Cola-El Hijo De La Cumbia
Bacardi Cola-El Hijo De La Cumbia RMX by ElHijodelaCumbia


Frente Cumbiambero meets mad professor


  1. @UMB: Those are Big Names !! SDP & ZZK!! They drop banger after banger.. so we decided to show (with Dj Linterna) some stuff that was very underground in terms of massive coverage, fresh, eclectic, but also had a deep respect for cumbia, and overall.. to be featured ONLY on generation bass first, and including El hijo de la Cumbia’s.. we had the privilege of posting these tunes first!!

    1. lol..I know who the artists are that you feature…I posted a majority of them first on my Sexxy Sat Cumbia posts…:-))…

      Anyway, it’s cool, it’s your personal highights and so that would differ to many other people…

      1. p.s. there are no BIG names in cumbia YET, it is still all underground..SDP is still underground..ZZK is still underground..

        Toy Selectah who is largely responsible for Nu Cumbia, amongst many other things, is STILL UNDERGROUND…and that’s almost 7 years after he started it all…!!!!

  2. @UMB: True, obviously cumbia is still underground if we compare it to hip hop or even reggeaton; although Control Machete is a well known name in Music, therefore toy selectah is not unknown for the latino community, neither zzk artists for south america n mexico, compared to many of the artists that you covered for sexxy saturday cumbia, who are being selected here.
    And i personally do think there are big names in cumbia (traditional and tropical..and i mean before discos fuentes era or even beofore with pacho galan or jose barros), and now this neo cumbia, or nu cumbia also has big names; unfortunately not commercialy or monetarily successful if we compare them with more mainstream genres.
    But I’m sure a lot of people have heard SDP’s Cartagena, Celso pina’s El tren, Bomba Estereo’s Fuego, El remolon, and so on.. but i am sure all of them would be filthy rich if they had had same exposure that Daddy Yankee had early 2000’s.. from the Latino and Anglo-latino media.
    Well.. now promotion dynamics have changed drastically, sales and thing are different last decade.. so obviously people’s perception of Big names and good tracks (including ours) are going to be different

    1. lol..yeah bro’ all that is BIG I mean you know a household Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Usher, Kanye etc etc..that is BIG…

      Your def is, in accordance with your def, I’m pretty big in my scene which is occupied by about 2, me and my ego…lol…

      Let’s not kid ourselves, ZZK are not big and neither are many people in the scene (outside of dubstep) we cover on our blog, save maybe for Diplo!

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