The Killing Fields of Choeung Ek and the Tuol Sleng Prison, more commonly known as S-21. From 1975 until January 1979, under the leadership of Pol Pot , the ultra-communist Khmer Rouge (Red Khmer) regime controlled all of Cambodia. They systematically killed thousands and millions more perished due to famine and disease.

The above is totally unrelated to the stuff below but I just thought it was worth a reminder!

Here’s an early xmas gift from Metal Postcard to you and here’s what they say:

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We’re calling the sound Psych Mekong Delta Blues if you’re looking for a label – we’re not .. We just think this is amazing music that needs to be spread to as many people as possible so please fwd this mp3 to your friends, family and colleagues.

Recorded this week in Phnom Penh Kung Nai (see info below) joined Metal Postcard band The Cambodian Space Project in the studio to record a 3 tracks for a UN human rights cd which’ll be released in the new year!

This Song Is Called WOMEN

Here’s the Lyric Sheet

Kong Nai: I, Kong Nai, would like to talk about Women’s rights for everybody including aunt, uncle, grandpa and grandma.

Srey Thy: Thank you, Master Kong Nai, for singing Chapei song about Women’s rights.

Kong Nai: Be aware that men and women have equal rights today.

Srey Thy: Dear all men, please be aware that women now have their
rights, women have their rights.

Kong Nai: It is different from the previous time that men blamed and looked down on women everyday.

Srey Thy: Now, I feel much better and I am not more worried as today women have their rights.

Kong Nai: It was said that women cannot manage around stove. It is not true. Now, women have equal rights to all men. I clarify that like men, women can do everything.

Srey Thy: That is true, Master. Women struggle for everything.

Kong Nai: Women can do not only the cultivation activities and cooking but they can also be the presidents.

Srey Thy: Now, I am aware of the Women’s rights after listening to your description, Master.

Kong Nai: Women can be soldiers for protecting their nations. Thus, I certify women as mothers of the world. Listen carefully that women have important rights. They are mothers of the world.

Srey Thy: Thank you, Master, for describing the women’s rights.
Kong Nai: So now don’t blame the women like what had happened before. Be aware that like men, women can do everything.

Srey Thy: Thank you, Master Kong Nai, for singing about women’s rights.

Kong Nai: Once again, I clarify that men and women have the same and equal rights. In the world, women are promoted highly. So I am

Kong Nai. I would like to give wishes to all women:

Srey Thy: That’s right, Master. Women struggle for everything.

Kong Nai: My wish to women to be successful and respected all over the world. From now on, men will never look down on women. Women have equal rights in the world.

Srey Thy: Women can do everything including the government officials.

Kong Nai: Be Powerful, famous, and successful in every duty in life. Like I say, women can be soldiers, prime ministers, deputy prime minister, and presidents. Men can drive the car, so can women.

Srey Thy: Thank you, Master, for recounting about women.

Kong Nai: I would like to tell all who are listening to me, a Chapei singer, that doubtlessly women, like men, can do everything.

women by metalpostcardrecords

Here’s some info about the man himself

Kong Nay often called “The Ray Charles of Cambodia,” is one of best-known and celebrated artists in the chapei tradition. Accompanied by his own spirited strumming on the chapei dang weng (a Cambodian long-necked lute), Kong Nay, with his lively voice and tenacious word play, regularly brings audiences to their feet with his gift for improvising poetry and song. Now one of the few surviving masters in the chapei tradition who studied before the Khmer Rouge genocide in the late 1970’s, in which an estimated ninety percent of Cambodian artists perished, Kong Nay continues to strive to promote and teach this beloved art form.

Blinded by smallpox at the age of four, Kong Nay began his studies on the chapei at thirteen. Coming from a musical family, he grew up around relatives who were masters of traditional instruments, copying religious manuscripts, Buddhist chanting, poetry and the chapei dang weng. In his youth, Kong Nay often faced ridicule from his peers for his disability. Rather than being disempowered by their prejudice, however, Kong Nay sought to find a vocation that would bring him independence and respect. The chapei, whose sound had excited him from childhood, turned out to be the perfect instrument. Within two years of beginning his studies, at the age of fifteen Kong Nay began to perform professionally. His reputation grew quickly, and he soon earned the nickname Kung “Handsome” Nay.

Cambodian Space Project are touring Australia and playing alongside Grinderman and Phillip Glass along with others. They have also been invited to the 2011 SXSW in Austin and will be playing dates in New York & LA whilst in the States. Then they will be kicking off a European tour starting in Istanbul and taking in the Balkans, Italy, Spain, France & The UK during the summer Rock Cambodia! Mondulkiri Hong Kong film clip by KM Lo A Go Go first show on the Mekong live in Dinan

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  1. I have visited Cambodia including the killing Fields and the other place mentioned above. The world should never forget so thank you for the reminder. Cambodia is a great country with very cool people but is very poor.

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