I’ve been bigging up our matey, Liquid Stranger, ever since Bob Duskis from Six Degrees introduced me to him, a while back.   We did countless features on him and then started seeing loads of other blogs catching on to him too!  I mean we’re even mentioned in Wikipedia as describing him as the “Epitome of Transnational Dubstep”!

I always wondered back then WHY was this dude not BIG because his production was slick and his ideas were unique and his dubstep even back then was quality, quality stuff, in fact, some of the best around.  However, he was not getting the sort of credit he richly deserved from the Dubstep community.

However, all of that seems now to have changed and that makes me a very happy man.  Ever since he signed to Rottun, Liquid Stranger’s reputation has just sky-rocketed and he’s all over the Beatport Top 10 Dubstep chart and getting loads of love from the hardcore dubstep merchants who usually specialize in FILTH!

You know it’s successes like this that drive me to continue blogging cause trust me on many occasions I have just wanted to give it all up and get back to my normal life lol!  But you know when you hold a belief about an artist and then you see it materialize, it makes it all worthwhile and continues to drive things forward!

So here’s to the continuing success of Liquid Stranger.

I don’t think he has even begun to show anything near the maximum of his capabilities yet, so just keep your eye on him!

Excision & Datsik vs Liquid Stranger – Swagga With My Grandma by liquid stranger

GRAB this unbelievable track HERE


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