Late at night at the edge of the Auyanteoui mountain in the Canaima National Park, Venezuela.

The Angel Falls is there, unalterable.

The height of the fall is so great that, before getting anywhere near the ground, much of the water is evaporated as a fine mist by the strong wind.

The tribe, here, never sleeps.

Slowly, in an endless fade in, the music of the shaman Fata Kiefer invades the silence of the hollow night.

Setting the pace, the burning drums; illuminating the inner vision: the bitter liquor of a hidden flower.

Moji Moji, the shaman that came from the very far south, plays in the sky with the light of the moon and shapes the face of the Highest Heart.

The jungle is no longer the jungle: it is the space-time called Soundamerica, the one where Kerepakupai Vena means in pemon language “waterfall of the deepest place”.

Taste the roots, forget the future, enjoy the dream…


Soundamerica vol.18_ tracklist:
01. Franco Cinelli & Papol – El Che’ Volador
02. Lucas Mari – Verde Inconsciente
03. L_cio – Sarava feat. Bmind
04. L_cio – DIFF
05. Corrie & Grünbox – Kiss la Luna (Original Mix)
06. Aerea Negrot – All I Wanna Do (Efdemin Remix)
07. Club Rayo – Shooting (Tribal Mix)
08. Ronan Portela – Piumino
09. Grünbox – Happy Tasso
10. Los Updates – It’s Getting Late

.Music selected by Fata Kiefer

.Cover Illustration by Moji Moji

.Graphic Design by G.Piacenza at Blackwhale.
.Produced and released by Hipi Duki Muzik.

.Presented by Generation Bass.

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