The internacional audience still loving the baile funk, and to create a bigger wave of baile funk sounds, some producers are mixing baile funk with another styles, and with this we found the La Bombacion. A Carioca, who made some studies with other styles of baile funk, like mixing baile funk with tango, with balkan and with a french rap. You can see all of it now:

Baile Funk X Balkan

La Bombacion – Funk Chicks (Bulgarian Chicks Remix) by La Bombacion

Baile Funk X French Rap

Baile Funk X Vocoder:
Study of Funk 2 – Vocoder – 2009 by La Bombacion

La Bombacion is a producer from Rio de Janeiro, in a trip to 7 countries of Sul America, get some inspiration to mix baile funk with latin music and at this point he got 7 studies in 2008. In 2010, the producer record a mixtape with all of studies, this mixtape isn’t a set to dance or see dj skills mixing, is something just to know more about the culture of country. Here is a Mixtape of Peru
Well, finishing the La Bombacion, lets get some other nice “studies”. Classic Music with Baile Funk and Tango with Baile Funk. This video is all about Rap das Armas:

Baile Funk X Classic Music

(the lyric at video is some kind of ironic phrases to baile funk lovers)

Baile Funk X Daft Punk
Daft Punk – Digital Love (Guto de Almeida PANKADÃO MIX) by gutodealmeida

Baile Funk X Russian Music
ViA The ROBOTS – Happy Happy Che (Baile Burashka Mix) by ViA THE ROBOTS


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