Yeah man, I loved the first one, which came out on Valentines day last year, and it’s looking like the second one is gonna be just as great.

I think the concept behind LuvStep is very similair to the idea behind my very own Popstep Dub Symphony mixxtapes, which is to make Dubstep more accessible to the masses and I think both ideas work a treat.

Here’s what the boys behind Luvstep, Dirty South Joe and Flufftronix, say:

Last year it was our distinct pleasure to present you with the first volume of Luvstep. Here’s what some of you said about the mix

“Seamlessly mixed bass heaviness. It’s about as welcome a primer to the poppier direction the music has headed in as we could hope for.” – Sam Hockley-Smith, FADER

“The Luvstep mix was so good that I almost threw up! Not quite, but almost!”-DJ Yoda

“Lovely … foookin lovely.” -Switch

“I’m so excited for you for this Luvstep mix man…this is soooo good! One of the best mixes I have in my collection.” -Brodinski

“Hey Joe love the Luvstep mix man – good collection of love themed tracks here.”- Sinden

“This Dirty South Joe x Flufftronix “Luvstep” mix has been on constant rotation for months for me now. So good.”-DJ Benzi

“This mix will make everyone fall in love with dubstep. Really. Even you. Yes you… Dirty South Joe and Flufftronix’s Luvstep mix succeeds in making
the genre tolerable, entertaining and *gasp* fun.” – Marcus K. Dowling,

It’s almost time for the sequel! We’re releasing it on Valentine’s Day again (of course) at &

However, direct recipients of this email can expect the final mix sometime around the middle of January.

In the meantime, we’ve cooked up another TEASER VIDEO for you to enjoy and share.

Luvstep 2 Teaser from flufftronix on Vimeo.

Also watch out for Volume 5 in my popstep series, which started in December last year, so that’s 5 in 1 year, lol!

It’s coming later this month and I’m gonna call it LuvStep Dub Symphony as a tribute to both ideas 🙂

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