Musica Donum Dei is a series of posts that I (Caballo) do every December and the result are my highlights for 2010.
One of the greatest genres we covered entirely was the 3ball revival!!! so this post is TRIBALISM!!!
Moombahton and Mambo violento are getting stronger and more accepted in the “radio” so i decided to do the Donum Dei more 3ball oriented, but for sure there are tracks in where you can feel the influence of both, or even more genres.
As i always say it is not a “the best of” necessarily; because it’ll be totally unfair with hundreds of producers, djs and artists who dropped amazing tracks during 2010..

Let’s start with NY’s wicked producer DJ REAGANOMICS and a song from ALGERIA!!

Electro-cumbia d’algiere (AF) by dj reaganomics
10 Tribabylon (threeball REMIX!) by Yelram Selectah
Tribabylon (threeball REMIX!) by yelram selectah
09 Canadian- NYrican Uproot Andy drops El Puchi Lockoff (5to Elemento vs Chimpo)
El Puchi Lockoff (5to Elemento vs Chimpo) by Uproot Andy
08 !Caramba! was one of the songs UMB posted that blew my mind!!!!
¡caramba! by Julius Sylvest
07 Our own Canalh!!! before writing about cumbia for generationbass was dropping amazing tribalmerenguecumbia
Ciclon del Caribe – Afrodita Vs G Flux (Canalh RMX) by Canalh [kanaj]
06 This one is perhaps one of the best releases in 2010!!!
BICHO DE LUZ by Frikstailers

Bicho de Luz (Version Tucu Tucu) by FRIKSTAILERS
05 Erick Rincon made his apparence on this countdown..straight to number 5!!
Amantes Guaracheros (Original Mix) – Erick Rincon by Remezcla
04 Sabbo!!! what can we add, that hasn’t been said about one of the best in every single genre.. you name it.. he’s done and killed it!!!
Me Tarzan You Jane by Sabbo
03 One that UMB posted and made me realize how wicked tribal can be!!
Garra de Jaguar
Dj Javier Estrada – Garra de Jaguar (Mexico Prehispanico) by djjavierestrada
02 I had the privilege of getting an Exclusive interview with this kid!!! and he gave us his 3 most banger tunes for FREE
Sheeqo Beat!!
Macumba (Sheeqo Beat Remix) – Hinojosa & Zambrano Ft. David Quijada by Sheeqo Beat
01 who else!!! but Dominican prodigy boy!!
Munchi!! let’s say: he Dropped THE TUNE!!!
Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx) by Munchi

AND also sickest 3ball of 2010!!
Munchi – Skrillex Es Un Montro by Munchi


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