Welcome back to part 3.


These are my top 3 mixes that I have played over, over, over and over again.

Not based on technical ability, genre(s) or any element of being ground-breaking.

Based just on the fact that they moved me, time and time and time and time and time again!



If there’s one thing that we gonna do in 2011, it’s that we’re gonna blow your minds with our Lord Cry Cry release!

This mix contains a lot of things I love, Classical music, Jazz, Blues, Dubstep and some other weird shiiit, it’s ILL and my idea of a rockin’ good time :-)!

Tarantino is gonna be on to this shiit in a big way, c’mon Quentin, I’m waiting for your licensing application, be a quick MF’!

Its About When it Came Out. Lord Cry Cry live at Transmediale 10 by Lord Cry Cry




Yep, what a surprise hey.

Not one Generation Bass type of track on this, it’s all deep house, Tech house and other stuff..lol..

And yes, it’s by my brother and Juke Boy partner but seriously, I’m not being nepotistic here.

This is the mix I’ve listened to MOST in 2010. Even waay back in March when I first posted it, I said it was going to be one of my mixes of the year cause it just flowwwwed like no other this year.

Back in March I said this and I stand by it today :

The mixing is SUBLIMMME and the track choices are UNCONVENTIONAL!

Yeah it’s kinda DEEEEP House, disco with shades of Tech and Tropical but it’s daaark, spooky, sexxy and one cool-ass sassy MF!

And sometimes, something completely different to what we listen to day in day out, does make all the DIFFERENCE! He caught my mood with this just at the right time….but that’s why he’s a JuKe BoY and you’re not…lol..

This will be on repeated listening for me for quite a while in years to come, I just love it and it’s my (DJ umb) contender for one of the mixes of the year!

Truck Drivers Deluxe by PeterPozorek




Music for the SOUL, this is it.

NastyNasty is one of the world’s greatest Hypnotists, I am still under his spell, lost deeep in his universe and this mix is one of the best!

It’s a classic!

It’s like a SYMPHONY, this is modern classical music and this is one of the best modern classical symphonies I have ever heard!


Lazer Soul Mini-Mix for SF Weekly by Patric Fallon


  1. yO bro, this best of series is better than the Grammy!

    I most nominate one best global bass mix of the year to your homeboy Hackney Globe Trotter for his mix HGT Winter Banger Mix 2010 – http://soundcloud.com/hackneyglobetrotter/hgt-winter-banger-mix-2010

    ever since you posted it, I revisited number of times to be impressed and satisfied every time

    and on the same note, I recently discovered Shazam’s ear-the-the-ground mix series which I’d also like to nominate for proper concept, technic and tune selection:


    all the best and you are right, 2010 was a year packed with goodness!!!!!!!!

    to be remembered as the the year I joined GB :]

    1. Yo, thanks bro’…man you know I did not even listen to that mix..lol…will need to check it out for sure 🙂

      If you want, you can do your own 2010 highlights….

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