Moombahton, Moombahcore, BoombahChero, Moombia, now add MOOMBAY to that score!

Bollywood inflected Moombahton!!!

The Heartbreak kid has taken it Transnational, so this is Transnational Moombahton!!!

But he did it some time ago and so here’s the Remixes EP and here’s what he says:

Remixes, by Rampage and Nader, Ckrono, A-Mac, Boyfriend, Paul Marmota, and more. Plus the video. the love for the track has been global and people really loved it, so i asked who wanted to remix it and it was a long list and these were the best versionsthis is the first original moombahton track to be remixed, and they did a real good job.

I’d say there’s some good remixes here, most notably by one of my faves, Paul Marmota, who I’ve been bigging up for a while and I’m glad to see him to start making his mark on the scene.

Watch out for the Heartbreak Kid cause he, alongside, Monsieur Munchi, are gonnna blow your minds with a GB EP release soooon amongst some MAD DECENT MADNESS!

For now download this free MF’ EP!!!



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