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A while back while looking for balkan beats I came across Village Kollektiv’s nazad EP. To my surprise, the EP, which offered some amazing sounds, was free for download. The VK Sidestepper remix of Nazad even got some play here on GB and by talent such as Beam Up & DJ Delay. I also gave it some serious play on the dancefloor and got great response.

Today I discovered that the polish Kollektiv has been busy creating a full length album which sounds absolutely mad! Take Polish, Indian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Gypsy songs, mix them with worldly sounds of reggae and give it a modern touch of glitch, dubstep and  ethnoctronica, and you get, Subvillage Sound, one of the more innovative albums of 2010 across any of these genres. The Kollektiv has beautiful vocalists and instrumentalists and beatmakers, and they are on fire! A Truly a transnational band that is up-to-date on the latest electronic sounds while keeping true to their roots.

They are kind enough to share with us the tune ktoby (totally rocking, very shazalakazoo) from their new album, grab it here:

Here are a few other tunes from the new album: Village Kollektiv – Molih ta by Village Kollektiv

Village Kollektiv – Ktoby feat. Pablopavo & Miguel Czachowski (x) by Village Kollektiv

Listen to them while you read the official word:

In Poland there is a very little representation of so called world beat music – fusion of electronics with traditional live music, the vision where the past meets tomorrow. Village Kollektiv from Warsaw appears as a pioneer live band of this genre and obviously they take fruits of their own national tradition.Village Kollektiv was formed in 2002 by members of a few Polish folk/fusion groups: Warsaw Village Band, Masala and others.

Music generated by Village Kollektiv is the first Polish fusion of electronics with live sound of original instruments and singing. The musicians use traditional melodies originating from Polish Kurpie region and those collected from the people of the Bulgarian Shop region. They incorporate traditional singing techniques: throat singing from Tuva and yoik of the Sami people. Original melodies also serve as an inspiration for their own creation and instrumental improvisation. Electronic music is a merger of breakbeat, electro, dub and drum&bass as well as punk rock vitality.

After four years the band released their debut album “Motion Rootz Experimental 2006”.
The album was nominated to Fryderyki – the most crucial Polish music business award. It also won a prize at “New Tradition” Festival organized by the Polish National radio.

Shows and tours that followed were a natural consequence of the success of the debut album, bringing the band as far as Ollin Kan festival in Mexico City, where they performed in 2008.
Now the band is working on the new material. Some new members arrived (including horn section) and some left for maternity leave.
2009 saw them already performing at the festivals in Poland, including world stage at major European event Heineken Open’Er as well as abroad – at the Polish Festival in Edinburgh, Eurocultured in Manchester or Thames Festival in London.

Band members:
Maciek Cierliński – hurdy gurdy
Magda Sobczak-Kotnarowska – Hutsul hammerd dulcimer, vox
Sylwia Świątkowska – suka, fiddle from Plock, vox
Weronika Grozdew-Kołacińska – vox
Rafał Kołaciński – electronics
Bart Pałyga – electric cello, Jew’sharp, gadułka, throat singing
Rafał Gańko – trumpet
Adam Kłosiński – trombone

Visit them here:

and grab the full album or any of the tracks here

and if you need a reminder for how great their stuff can sound remixed:

Village Kollektiv – Nazad – Anansi Red Curry remix by Village Kollektiv

Watch Nazad, the piece that made me fall in love with them, performed live by the Village Kollektiv


Village Kollektiv – working on the new album | Myspace Music Videos


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