Sabbo - Freaktion

[ARTWORK – Aurora Crowley]

This brilliant EP is out now and here’s a free Sabbo remix for you to listen to whilst you put your pennies together to go and buy the EP [see links below for download stores worldwide]:-)

Middle Eastern born, producer of many trades – SABBO – is responsible for the next release from the award winning Generation Bass camp. He has worked with Mad Decent, Soulico, dancehall stars like Turbulence and Lisa Dainjah and has also been producing many charted productions in various genres in his own country.


This EP draws heavily on the Chicago Foot Work sound, giving it an extra boost in top notch production and bass but also sees Sabbo leaning more towards a UK angle in the Juke/FootWork history. He blends the genre into a mix of hyperactive dancefloor filler and bass heavy globalism. From Chi town via the unlikely detour of Tel Aviv, Israel and relying on classic sampling techniques and the trusted 808 boom, this EP is a Foot Work classic in the making.

Once again Generation Bass holds true to its slogan, “cool music from wherever”…

Cooool Vid – Thanks to Videomit!

Stream the mini-mix:

Freaktion EP(minimix)-soon on Generation Bass by Sabbo


DJ Rashad (One of the original Footwork/Juke creators) – This man does footwork better than most producers in Chicago!

Diplo (Major Lazer/Mad Decent) – its crazy)

Sinden – Love the sabbo, just pop it is my pick!

Maga Bo (Transnational Bass Wanderluster/Legend)- If mc escher made beats, it might have sounded something like this…..

Schlachthofbronx (Best Dance Act in the World/Mad Decent/Man Recordings)- Sounds like fun, support! Sabbo really has many different styles he’s delivering. We def need more footwork in this world!

Stereotyp/Ku Bo (Man Recordings/Crunchtime-Barefoor creator)- Footwork EP takes the game up another notch finally quality footwork/juke Hope there is more to come ! really diggin it !

Munchi (Genius Wonderkid) – AAAAAA MADNESSSSS!!!!!….Thats exactly what it is. Fuckin’ huge

DJ Motorpitch (Man Recordings / Radio FM4) – High As The Sky” is the perfect tune to crank it up in the car and let the whole block around you enjoy the bass. Top notch production quality! Ultra hot EP, Mr. Sabbo! –

DJ Beware (Man Recordings) -I think its wicked! My fave track is the I am Crazy

Theo DeVille (Head of Senseless Records) – Seriously weighty production and expert flipping of some unexpected samples. This could be from Chicago, highly recommended

Thmole – (Daly City Records)- Excellent, expertly crafted, exciting music.  Beautiful compositions
and top-notch sound quality.

Big Dope P – (Moveltraxx) Will play high as the sky for sure ! full support

Marcus Noblett (Little Big Org/Footwork Booking Agent)  ‘Just Pop It’ is a cool track



*reminds me of chicago booty house! love it!
*LA fux with juke and footwork. great mix. chi stand up.
*We grew up on that song… Dope Shit.
*big up sabbo wikked!!!
*I love this break! This is something new to me anyway. Good stuff. Hit me up when the release hits if you don’t mind sir. Peace to Generation Bass
*yeah fucking crazy dude!
*UPSIDE DOWN BOY YOU TURN ME… great stuff!!!
*Big party vibe’s on these tunes!
*mental magic !
*Now that’s my kind of car music! Hold on tight, VW factory speakers!
*Ok not even 30 seconds into yet and ya grabbed me by the boo boo!! DOPE!!! full digging it (is that fucking Diana Ross?) Slalmmin’
*nice EP! looking forward to it man, big up!
*wow nice 808s
*wow…. on point
*This is shredding my brain!
*This is shredding my brain!
*haha crazy!
nice footwurk sir Sabbo
*i want this ep , where can get this?
*was having that 2:30 feeling until I heard this… nice job


Release Date31 Jan 2011
DescriptionDigital Release only.
Tracklist1.Upside Down
2. Just Pop it
3. I Am Crazy
4. High as the Sky
Download storesJunoBeatport








Streaming servicesSpotify


Blue Skull

[Thanks 2 whomever I liberated the above pic from on FB, can’t remember who it was!]

Ok me iz back!


1. No Mad Records

2. M-Theory

3. Farley & Corin

4. Digital Farm Animals

5. Enigma Dubz

6. Dhillon Francis

7. Something Legitimate

8. The Cataracs

9. D-Skillz

10. H3 (We are Mutants)

11. Knob Jockeys

12. Papuga

13. Secret Lemon Project

14. Grime Syndicate

15. FJH



My favourite Italian Dubstep label’s new forthcoming sounds gorgeous, will be checking out the full EP in due course but for now check this out:

UNSTABLE COMPOUND – NEBULA Four years of ears, not mouth, not sound, to ripen five tracks composing this work. NoMad Records presents the new EP by Unstable Compound, Nebula. 
An entirety made of transversal emotions, different from one other but with a common thread joining them in a unique and well defined artistic path. Syncopated rythms, nocturnal suggestions, asymmetrical voices from the fast city. A project melting soul inner selves, dubstep influences and garage ambience.



Lovin’ what these dudes are doin’

Grab it here

M-Theory – I’ve Got [!!!FREE DOWNLOAD IN DESCRIPTION!!!] by M-Theory



These are my dudes from Australia but they’re usually know more for their House tunes but here they come up with their first Dubstep tune and what a curiosity it is too.

A mix between hip hop, rock and pop, all stepped, brilliant!

PNC ft. The Checks – Let Your Lover Know (Farley & Corin ‘PIRATE’ Remix) by DanielFarley



Really noice deep dubstep numba!

Digital Farm Animals – Jerusalem by Digital Farm Animals



My fellow brummy comes up with a delicious numba with a garagey flava!

ENIGMA – Searching by EnigmaDubz



Some wikkid tunage here from Mr Dillon Francis!

He had some tracks up on his soundcloud until a few days ago but they are not there now!!!

Grab his tracks here:

Bingo Players – When I Dip (Dillon Francis Airhorn remix)

Dr Hollywood – We Run The Club (Dillon Francis Remix)



Couple of cool as a cucumber numba’s here from Minneapolis’ Dustin Howard aka Something Legitimate!

Game Time by SomethingLegitimate

Doin’ It Live by SomethingLegitimate



Bass Down Low (feat. Dev) (Proper Villains Remix)

Download this song

The Cataracs and Dev probably had a vice grip on your brain in 2010 with their Far East Movement collab, “Like A G6”. To add to their catalogue of hooky booty bangers is “Bass Down Low”, another anthemic get down. But for a song that demands quick sonic stylings with deep bass, it’s better suited for a night sippin’ syrup. If the beat needs to be fast and the bass needs to be low, then Proper Villains‘ grime wave wash over the track is the perfect recipe for a refit. Crack a Red Bull, let dubstep do what it does and prepare for another tight squeeze on your music memory sensors.



A pretty good atmospheric remix here of the EBTG classic!

Download limit has reached its maximum! You can get it via HERE

Everything But The Girl – Missing (D-Skillz Dubstep remix) by D-Skillz



Love Malaysian dubstep and I love brostep too and this incorporates the best of both and a stonking mix too!

H3 – Shebang (Original Mix) by H3 (We Are Mutants)

H3’s ‘Enter The Bassline’ Mixtape by H3 (We Are Mutants)

H3’s Enter The Bassline Mixtape OUT!!!!


H3 – Mutant Dub 101 (ft Jin Hackman)
Ms Dynamite – Fire
Joker & TC – It Ain’t Got No Name
Zeds Dead – White Satin
Borgore – Favourite Tingz
Feed Me – Cloudburn (ft. Tasha Baxter)
16bit – FRZR9000
Noisia – Alpha Centauri (Datsik & Excision Remix)
Ajapai – Get Down Lay Down
Stagga – Genik Riddim (ft Skamma & Joe Blown)
Magnetic Man – The Bug
Kutz & Benga – I’ll Kut Ya
Katy B – On a Mission
Magnetic Man – MAD
Flux Pavillion – Lines in Wax (ft Foreign Beggars)
Doctor P – Big Boss (H3 Re-Fix)
Lil John & Diplo – U Don’t Like Me (Datsik Remix)
H3 – Shebang (ft Sh.T)
Benny Benassi – Cinema (Skrillex Remix)
The Prototypes – Cascade (Cutline Remix)
Camo & Krooked – Shoreless
Nero – Electron
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – R U Ready
Terravita – Up In Da Club



I’m a big fan of Japanese drummers, Kodo, but not sure this is a fair representation of them dubstep-wise but worth checking out!

Japanese/Jamaican dubstep – a fusion of Kodo drumming, ragga vocals and a heavy, energetic bass-line.

Build *Free Download* by KJs (aka Knob Jockeys)



Papuga is also one member of M-Theory above and I just love what he does, I’m hoping to release an EP by him later this year.

Here’s something you’ve never heard before, a dubstep remix of a Lithuanian pop legend:

Original song is from famous lithuanian artist “Stasys Povilaitis – Zalioj Stoteleje”.

Download it here!

Papuga – Ne Vien Stoteles Zhalios (At The Green Bus Stop) !!!FREE DOWNLOAD!!! by Papuga aka Wet paper



Yep this track has been done to death and makes me feel a lil’ sickly whenever I hear it now but this is refreshing take on it from these Welsh dudes!

Sent my way by Harish from Wales who’s gonna show me his Moobs one day!

Sierra Le-Owned by The Secret Lemon Project



My WSB, Boogie Dave [MR DROP BEATS NOT BOMBS] introduced me to this re-edit of a Datsik classic and of course Datsik is one of my fave producers.

We were checking out this venue with a Funktion 1 for my Transnational Dubstep launch in Birmingham and he put this track on and man it just sounded UNREAL!

Downloadable Re-edits by Grime Syndicate



You know we’ve been covering FJH on this blog for a while now and he’s one of those really hard-working guys on Soundcloud who goes around messaging everybody asking them to check out his tracks.

Most often than not, I tend to ignore such messages, as most often than not, such messages usually lead to not terribly good music but there are some major exceptions and FJH is one of them.

His stuff is always quality and always well worth checking out, like this brilliant new track he did recently!

FJH – Prik Nam Pla (Preview) — unsigned by FJH



Let’s start Dubstep Monday early!

This will not be to everybody’s tastes and the purists on both sides, Dubstep & Classical music, are likely to hate it but I like to chronicle stuff like this.

It’s not always great, like the Britney track, but it’s great to see how far Dubstep is being stretched and how almost, universally, it can be applied.

I think some of this stuff below is pretty good, particulary the first & third tracks but I wouldn’t suggest a wholesale re-working of classical music in this way.

Anyway check it out and either <3 it or HATE it!

Gustav Holst – Mars, The Bringer of War (Koyunbaba Remix) 320! by Koyunbaba


Koyunbaba – Zarathustra – Free 320 by Koyunbaba


Koyunbaba – Dub to the (B)East by Koyunbaba

Some info about the artist KOYUNBABA:


I grew up listening to classical music. When I was in 7th grade, I fell in love with and began playing classical guitar.

As I got older, though, I needed a LOT more bass in my life, so I started listening to, downloading, then producing dubstep.

Cumbia Bass Beats Library!

A whole zip with more than 100 Cumbia loops Free!!

Basically it is the work of some of the coolest and most creative neo cumbia producers around.

The idea came from Joelito (emayo Cutz), Guarana Bass, and Caballo , who worked together finding producers who wanted to donate their loops for FREE.

The result is a dope Library called CUMBIA BASS BEATS with famous signatures of well known masters like Pernett, Joelito or Che sudaka, or the roots-avant guarde styles of Gux swadharma, los Reyes de la milanga, The Binary cumbia Orchestra, Bleepolar or daniel Klauser, to more bass oriented loops from Caballo, Dj rustico & The probretons, Andresground, Dj discreto diaz, Dj subversivo and more producers who dropped a whole pack or at least one loop !!!

It is more than just a simple cumbia library and can be used in almost any modern music genre, remix or new production. Almost every possible mood is presented to the “user” in this library ranging from fast paced hard hitting cumbia dembow dubstep through to real roots of cumbia like tambora, chalupa, chande, or son de negro..

For example

Base dembow Cumbiastep


cumb Loop


CUMBIA BASS BEATS ( cumbia base beats)


or copy paste

All Cumbia Bass beats tracks have been carefully crafted and wherever possible, the samples have been tested in Ableton, Logic Pro, Acid Pro, FL studio and most of them were well mastered allowing us producers to maximize the sonic cumbia palette available.

Most of the loops are sample-accurate which allows total flexibility to mix & layer together any combination of sounds which helps facilitate endless sonic fusions.

In Fact the result is so awesome that we decided to do a showcase with just a very small portion of the samples (only 7!) and adding our own styles..

and it grew to a Huge real PROJECT called SANCOCHO E’ TIGRES!!

with loops taken from Pernett, Bleepolar, Caballo, Gux Swadharma, Don Conejo, The cumbia binary orchestra, dj discreto diaz.. and later made a tune called LUJO DE POBRE!!

Sancocho e’ tigres will release their first album via the rebel records for FREE

LUJO DE POBRE -Cumbia Version (instrumental)

Sancocho e’ Tigres- Lujo de pobre (instrumental) by therebelrecords

Here’s Don Conejo (Daniel Klauser) version.. a dope house cumbia

Sancocho e’ Tigres – Lujo de pobre (Klauser edit) by klwzer

And with a different approach from the same beats you can have a more cumbiabass edit ..

This one is Bleepolar’s

Sancocho e’ Tigre (Bleepolar edit) by Bleepolar

This is just a showcase of the library and it goes so much further than mere genre.

Cumbia bass beats is about excitement, about passion and about a creative force that can help to produce some of the best sounds to hit the street in a long time.

With all our love, from the guys who helped doing the library, including the stunning art from brazilian master Sassa

We really hope it will give you with the edge required to help provide the statement and impact needed in a saturated market of over heard cumbia sounds!


Big thanks to Joelito and El hijo de la cumbia @ Emayo cutz!! Pernett, Gux, and Bleepolar, All the guys in Chile, Guarana bass andres, discreto, daniel, all the guys in Argentina, Colombia, and all over the world to help us to spread cumbia to the next level!!

If you want to know how come we can “say” we do know about roots, and how parts of these loops were created

Here’s pernett with percussion master Alex Castellanos.. with an instructional video or “percussion clinic”

these are the 9 rhythms of (son del negro) or Black son..

The roots of cumbia, champeta and son palenquero

Nadastrom Moombahton Mixtape!


Awesome mixxtape here, perhaps one of the best Moombahton ones I’ve heard so far and how fitting that the creator of Moombahton, Dave Nada, is involved in it.

Track selection is sublime and the mix is immaculate!

From the brilliant and most unconventional start for a Moombahton mixtape, opening with a track by one of my favourite Alt/Balkan artists, Beirut, it takes in some amazing tracks and edits by the pair including a load of stuff I’ve never heard before.

Here’s what Media Contender say:

It is time for another edition of the Media Contender Podcast Series. This is #9 and it comes from DC duo Nadastrom. In 2007 Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom joined forces to blow up the dancefloor. Individually they have crafted a sound that has made a huge impact on the global dance music scene but when they work together their most massive ideas manifest. I could go on and on about their individual accomplishments which include a Grammy nomination and creation of Moombahton, but its their collaborative work together that we are spotlighting here. Their motivation is simple—to make people dance. In 2008, world-renowned producer and Grammy Nominee Switch (M.I.A., Santigold, Basement Jaxx, Diddy, Christina Aguilara, Lily Allen) signed them to his Dubsided label in 2008 and their debut EP titled Pussy charted internationally, further solidifying their place in the upper echelon of EDM fame. There is no doubt in my mind these two have barely scratched the surface and 2011 will be their biggest year yet.

1. Beirut “Akara”
2. Roska + Jamie George “Wonderful Day (Dave Nada Moombahton Edit)”
3. Foamo “Here Comes Foamo (Nadastrom Moombahton Edit)”
4. Sandro Silva “Venga (Nadastrom Moombahton Edit)”
5. Nadastrom vs Knight Riderz vs Pitbull “Brojangles”
6. Tittsworth + Alvin Risk “Pendejas”
7. Benga + Coki “Night (Sabo Moombahton Edit)”
8. Mescal Kid/Ms Thing “Majic (Smutlee Moombahton Edit)”
9. DJ Apt One “Bells + Whistles”
10. Billy The Gent “Seductive Moombahton Edit”
11. Dillon Francis + Dave Nada “Brazzer’s Theme”
12. TC “Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix – Munchi’s Kinda Aggressive Right Now Moombahcore Remix)”
13. Billy The Gent “Hands Hi Moombahton Edit”
14. Steve Starks “Fr33ky in tha Club”
15. Savage Skulls + Douster “Bad Gal feat Robyn (Dave Nada Moombahton Edit)”
16. Alex Font “Angola (Obeyah Moombahton Edit)”
17. Munchi “La Brasilena ta Montao”
18. Nadastrom “Sweet Moombahton”
19. WIN/WIN “Releaserpm (Nadastrom Moombahton Remix)

Grab it HERE


sexy east
Photo credit

Sometimes you wish people would let a bit more info about themselves and their songs: how they were produced it, precise credits if there is obvious samples, if they are musicians on top of being producers and what part did they play, and what was the idea feeling of the song. Well at least, when you listen to cumbias like this “Cumbia Oriental” from Frank is not right, you want to know… Well we know he is from Winnipeg Canada…

Cumbia oriental by FrankisnotRight

We stay East, Mediterranean, Balkan, how you like to name it, but there is surely bridges between spaces and cultures and the Mediterranean axis is strong with Watcha Clan. The band is a well known worlbeat band, one of the best, and their LP “Diaspora remixed” is a must have (I take it to nearly every gig of mine). They are preparing a new album “Radio Babel” and a Tour in France. “Tangos del Cachito” a sephardic song reworked in an electro/balkan/cumbia style, is an avant premiere of the album.

Tangos Del Cachito by Watcha Clan

La Cherga is another band to watch carefully. Check their first release Fake no more remix on Bandcamp (and the absolute marvellous Peter Pozorek FREE remix). While you download it against a simple email, listen to this:

La Cherga Ciganka Kosta Kostov Rmx feat. MC Killo Killo by la cherga

Ok, we want to speed up the pace a bit to attack our saturday night; nothing better than this jungle/cumbia beat track mashed with fanfare ? Add on de bass from San Luis Potosi Mexico with la Tirana caravana !

La Tirana Caravana – Fanfarri Cumbia (D&B Remix By Add On de Bass) by Add On de Bass

Well we will end our trip East in Berlin, one of the most dynamic cities, if not the most dynimic city in Europe with Koro Funk and a cumbia step with an oriental sample. FREE DOWNLOAD !

Cumbia Berlinese by koro funk

Club-Ready Global Bass Mixes by Government4000, NEKI STRANAC, and Handmade65

As a DJ, I have great appreciation for a well executed mix. It takes great skill, taste and talent to create a satisfying mix that world listeners and dancers would want to revisit again. The good mix must have a track selection that tastes good mixed in a way that sounds good and delivered in a way that feels good. Now believe me when I say that working with global bass tunes can be challenging as the different sounds and styles can variate greatly. It does help to stick to a similar genre of music for overall consistency (something I often challenge if you’ve heard my recent mixes :). I’d to present to you three DJs that do an incredible job mixing it up! I think what really grabs me about these mixes as that they are club-ready, mixed for the dancefloors,  releasing the explosive energy of the tunes from one drop to another.

Let’s jump right to it:

Србија представља (Serbia Presents):

Neki Stranac (one half of Shazalakazoo) just released a Transnational mix that will blow your heads off. It is so well put that I believe he deserves a title for it among the world heaviest global bass champions. This mix is incredible, it features a bunch of tracks we have written about plus a few exclusives from Neki. He writes that it is a promo mix for the upcoming SOUR MANGO tropical bass parties in Belgrade, Serbia. Yo, anyone planning a trip over there? I am now seriously considering a visit!! Here’s my recommendation: download it now! Neki, respect for this and good luck with the new club line, i dig the name.


Promo mix made for the upcoming SOUR MANGO tropical bass parties in Belgrade, Serbia.


01. dj melo – fr33kytona

02. alvaro – make it funky (dj ephx moombahton remix)

03. munchi – metele bellaco

04. major lazer – hold the line (frikstailers remix)

05. sidney samson – riverside (dave nada moombahton edit)

06. shazalakazoo – istraton

07. modeselektor – weed wid da macka (ft. ninjaman)

08. dj mujava – mugwanti (moombahtom rehab mix)

09. schlachthofbronx vs. the binary cumbia orchestra vs. grupo g – la inconformable

10. jon kwest – run di track

11. bomba estereo – fuego (frikstailers remix)

12. dj gregory, gregor salto and solo – con alegria (dj apt one moombahton remix)

13. dave nada – ruffcut (moombahton edit)

14. seductive – underground sound (dave nada moombahton edit)

15. gux swadharma – enjalma 1.0

16. alex kenji x 7a3 – tropical chicks go like dis (audio1 moombahton remix)

17. dj mujava – township funk (sabo`s zulu funk remix)

18. munchi – pepe volvio

19. joyce muniz & shanti roots – cumbia nightlife (dave nada`s moombahton edit)

20. silvio ecomo & chuckie – moombah (afrojack remix – dave nada moombahton edit)

21. mastiksoul – el macho (ben tactic moombahton edit)

22. dj sabo – no pare moombahton

23. dave nada – la gata plastica (sabo`s edit)

24. dj apt one vs. debonair samir – samir`s island

25. afrojack – what (dj melo zeggieton break)

26. billfold – inna de ghetto (fr33ked out)

27. sandro silva – told ya (melo moombahton edit)

28. beware + motorpitch – el toro! (bass ill euro remix)

29. dj sabo – philly bounce

30. mescal kid, ms thing – majic (moombahton smutlee edit)

31. dj dever & lil silvio – voy amanecer

32. yolanda be cool – afro nuts (douster remix – melo cumbia moombahton edit)

33. heartbreak & munchi – faceoff

34. uncle jesse – small change

35. shaggy – mr. boombastic (contents hot boombahton remix)

36. soda`n`suds – fuck house (dj manaia mashed up stylee remix – ckrono moombahton edit)

37. knight riderz – party alarm (wyld stallions moombahton edit)

38. josh wink – higher state of consciousness (dj apt one higher state of moombahton remix)

39. heartbreak – pilulas azuis e brancos

40. hyper crush & diplo – ayo (moombahtron loves you edit)

41. dj reagenomics – e boi

I am very happy to relay to you this mix by Government4000

Government4000 is Vladimir Popovic from Belgrade, Serbia. According to his Soundcloud page, he has been djing since 2000 in various clubs including the famous Belgrade Club Dolar. In 2001 he ran a radio project on SKC which became #1 underground radio station in the country [way to do it underground yo!]. He continued to be involved with the radio station as an organizer, dj, and music editor until the state [booo!] closed the station. He “realized” the ‘Brain Vacation’ stage at the EXIT festival which was declared as, “The Best Open Air Festival of the Year in Europe”. He currently run the Favela Blast Off Club night in Ljubljana, Slovenia with Tido DJ and Admiral Rah.

Here’s the latest smokin’ mix from him that already got recognized by Flore, Bumps and Hat&Hoodie. This is a real gem and I am bringing it to you here again, so that we have it in the almighty GenerationBass Archive (over 2500 posts!!).

Bullshit or not pt.19 – extended bullshit edition by Government4000

bullshit or not pt.19

  1. bonde do tigrao – o baile todo
  2. leo justi – andamos de cyclone 2010
  3. mc gi – origami
  4. crookers – para de grahcina / sticky k remix
  5. count and sinden – tamborzuda ft. mc thiaguinho / acapella
  6. beware + motorpitch – el toro! / original hennessy black mix
  7. j-wow – rebita
  8. deize tigrona – injecao / yapla remix
  9. dj mujava – township funk / ashley beedle’s africanz on marz remix
  10. jali bakary konteh – combination / hat + hoodie remix
  11. prince zimboo – santa flaws / cocotaxi remix
  12. sapabonde – vai nao se esconde / ophex remix
  13. j-wow & toy selectah – mochaxo
  14. chernobyl – empina a pipa / toy selectah guarachero cosmico remix instrumental
  15. jason rivas – black moon / sheeqo beat remix
  16. parov stelar – hotel axos
  17. makossa and megablast ft. gaiola das popozudas – late que eu to passando
  18. fatboy jr. ft. shazalakazoo – kristal
  19. beware ft. mc gringo – tamborzao con scratchy
  20. daniel haaksman – senta senta mais uma vez
  21. zombie disco squad – danca do zumbi
  22. yolanda be cool – afro nuts / lisa delux edit
  23. daniel haaksman ft. seguindo sonhos – hands up
  24. cocotaxi – pivo
  25. shazalakazoo ft. mc maiquinho – to com saudade
  26. shazalakazoo & mc gi – pura cachorrada
  27. shazalakazoo ft. mc gi – sai fora
  28. mc gi – quer romance / hungry sam remix
  29. mc gi – danca do facao / hungry sam remix
  30. classixx ft. jeppe – I’ll get you / daniel haaksman remix
  31. la banda r basile – la chenille / douster gwada remix

La France représente (France Represents):

I featured Yves Deligne a.k.a Handmade65 in the French do it global article and I am glad to have him back on site. He just posted a recording of his 2010/2011 NYE mix and it is so hot it’s smokin’. Man would I have loved to have been there for this one… I can imagine the champagne was flowing freely that night. Still in the buzz of the new year, here’s a set to set you on fire. Big respect for another amazing mix tape by one of my favorite global bass djs at the moment.

.::New Year’s Eve 2011::. by handmade65

01-PETER POZOREK : L’Aventura

02-SIDNEY SANSON FT LADY B (Chuckie Remix) : Shut Up & Let It Go (Moonbahtron Moombahton Edit)

03-THUNDERBALL : The Road to Benares

04-MOONBAHTOM : Mugwanti – Rehab Mix

05-Dj KOZE : Sbooty

06-MONKEY SAFARI: Zulu (Yankee Zulu remix)

07-UFFIE feat PHARRELL : Add Suv (BAWZ Remix @Burn Studios)

08-AVROSSE : Rush

09-WORTHY : El Ritual vs. Moaning and Groaning (Worthy Mashup)

10-WARRIOR ONE : Lord of Bashy (Foamo Remix)



13-THE QUEST : Corbeau – original mix

14-DET90 : Chemise1992 (The Quest Remix)

15-KHIA : My Neck My Back (DUM DJS Remix)

16-THE YOUNG PUNX : Juice and Gin (Joyce Muniz & Shanti Roots remix)

17-SAPABONDE : Vai Não Se Esconde (Hat+Hoodie Remix)

18-SACHA ROBOTTI : Tingly Trumpets_Oliver $ Re-Edit

19-BASADUB : Moog and Slivovica (Bonus Track)

20-XXXXX (COMIXXX & KNIXX) : Ekko Tech (Leg-No remix)

21-DETNUM : detnum’s diner – detnum-edit

22-SICK JARGON : Go Hump (Hijack Remix)

23-AUSTIN LEEDS : Leibowitz (Original Mix)

24-HIJACK & JEFF DOUBLEU : Gypsies (Original Mix)

25-STEFANO NOFERINI : Mama (Stefano_Noferinis_Back_Home_Mix)

25-DJ BRICKSTA : Fire! (At The Canberra Centre

Hope you enjoy the music and that you share the excitement of the great talent this world of ours has to offer. Big respect to the musicians featured in these mixes and to all the global dancers out there, respect!

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Here’s another Moombahton round up, this genre is gonna do BIG BizNiZz this year, just watch!


1. Witches

2. Doc Adam

3. DJ Broken Record

4. DJ Madd

5. Sonora

6. Moombahtron

7. WondaWulf

8. DJ Groovematic



I always love new recruits to this scene because it demonstrates popularity & GROWTH!

Bird Dance(Moombahton Version) by witches



Two absolutely awesome tracks with cumbia inflexions…this dude is killin’ it!

La Sonora Dinamita – Yo Soy La Cumbia (Doc Adam Moombahton Edit) by docadam

Minimal (Doc Adam Moombahton Remix) by docadam



Another one bites the Dust, another new recruit from Santa Rosa, USA, welcome him brothers!

The Moombahton Drop (Original Mix) by DJ Broken Record





Mr Multi-Genre returns with another killa Moombahton!

Sonora – Respire by SONORA



Man I used to watch Miami Vice all of the time…

Moombahtron Miami Vice Mix by Moombahtron



We know this guy for his brilliant DrumST3P mash ups and I’ve been posting him here on my DrumST3P FriDay posts with notable tracks like the crazy Fitzgerald and Funtcase mash.

I’d like to think he’s making this transition to Moombahton via our goodselves and our blog 🙂

Awesome mix!

Future Music / Moombathon mix January – FREE DOWNLOAD by Wondawulf

New Moombathon mix created by Wondawulf (Budapest, HU). Free Download!!

1. GLASS ACTOR / distraction
2. SIGUR ROS / saeglopur (Yeah! Remix)
3. HEARTBREAK / moombahman (Munchi Edit)
4. HEARTBREAK & MUNCHI / apone o nao
5. LITTLE MAJORETTE / london (Marcus Price Remix)
6. NGUZUNGUZU / mirage (Jim-E Stack Remix)
7. HEARTBREAK / arroz con pollo
8. DJ MADD OD / flippin o’s moombathon
9. MUNCHI / pun aint dead
10. DJ MADD OD & HEARTBREAK / areito moombathon
11. HEARBREAK & MUNCHI / face off
12. DJ EPIDEMIC / ravaged toadstool girls
13. BASSANOVA / chinken lover (Munchi Remix)
14. PROJECT BASSLINE / drop the pressure (Jack Beats Remix) (DJ P Refix)
15. MUNCHI / esta noche
16. NASA FT SANTIGOLD & MIA FT SPANKROCK / watchadoin (Alvaro Remix) (Uncle Jesse Edit)
17. LOOPERS / i want to rock (Obayah Edit)
18. TC / where’s my money (Caspa Remix) (Munchi Remix)
19. YEAH YEAH YEAHS / heads will roll (A-Mac Edit)
20. DJ MADD OD / punja moombathon



Some more MoombahPoP from this dude!

Moombahton Pop Edits Vol 3 by DJ Groovematic

Chip Bass Monthly

Chipbass 3

I cannot believe how many awesome Chip Bass releases  have come out already in 2011, many of which are from artists already previously featured in these posts, who have actually compiled a bunch of their tracks for proper releases. Can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has to offer. Artwork this month is from Australian BeauBarker.


So the only artist who has appeared in the first two of these posts makes an amazing return this month with his first official release and on Progressive Chipmusic label Pause no less. French-Canadian artist known as ??? has released the album “Wall You Need is Love” a collection of some of his best bass laden reggae, dub style chip that has such a happy uplifting vibe I can’t help but smile at the bleeping melodies. Listening to all these tracks back to back show not only the breadth of sound and emotion able to be expressed through this limited medium but also how when composed with musicality and talent this music can transcend the mediums boundaries, novelties and gimmicks and just be heard as great music! So all I can say is download this now! First two tracks are off the Album third one is a bonus C64 track he recently uploaded..

Download Machine Gum

Download Why

Download Early Mark Three


Back in my first post I mentioned Kraettz the Austrian gameboy guy who did a bunch of neat chipstep tracks that once compiled made a good EP…. well he has added a couple of tracks to it and done just that releasing on netlabel Vekta Records. It is very atmospheric dark and aggressive chipstep and I can only hope we hear a tonne more like this from Vekta and Kraettz. It is great to see a label like Vekta that is focused on future dubstep and garage sounds to embrace and promote chipmusic outside of the chip community! Big Ups Flopps! Download Galaxy Whore Recovery Center here.

Download Malfunction


As mentioned last month Chipmusic super label Bleepstreet (who have been using the term Chip Bass a lot recently) have now released 486’s EP 4bit 4reedom. It contains a bunch of tracks reworked and heard in various forms on earlier 486 releases but that is not to say this isn’t a beast of a release. A lot more “produced” than a lot of chipstep it still maintains an authentic edge to its sound… it is very satisfying to hear large wobbles juxtaposed with bleepy arps. You can buy this release on iTunes now and have a preview listen below. There is also a new free dub track for all those cheapskates 😛

4bit 4reedom Preview by the 486 kid™

4bit E-Z-Dub by the 486 kid™

Sounds Legit

OK so you don’t get bored of me posting the same old slow tempo ChipBass a new short run vinyl chipmusic label has just launched in Australia and their first release is a Drum’n’Bass style 7″ split between the two Texan chipmusic legends Sievert and IAYD. There is only 150 of these and they are all individually numbered and you won’t be getting the tracks anywhere else for a while (there are some short previews below). The tracks are hard fast and sound like some kind of epic sci-fi space battle, Sievert recently toured Australia and his track off this release was killer live.. So definitely keep an eye on this label and if you like the sound of the tracks pick up the EP from the Sounds Legit Website.

Prototronic Accelerator – Sievert

Atomic Hypercharger – IAYD

Malobit Podcasts

It seems Russia has quite an interesting Chip scene and so I will leave you this month with a couple of mixes that are part of the Russian Malobit Podcasts… I can’t understand anything on the pages but they cover a wide range of chipmusic and have quite a few Chipstep themed ones that cover a lot of the artists I have been featuring here. Other than the two soundcloud streams below there is Ninjastep and Skwach.

Step for chipstep vol 2 by 7desyatidyuymovik Green
Step for Chipstep (malo bit sound season 2 part 8 ) by 7desyatidyuymovik Green

see you next month!!!