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2010 is over. Nearly all our lifes were fast, too fast. Generation bass always was really really fast, in a word, faster !!! Speed is a marvelous feeling, it makes people crazy, and it makes them dance !! Generation Bass was fast to discover new talent, fast to go in remote places, fast to connect with people, new styles, fast to organize events and a great load of musical stuff. I guess our followers, readers are fast too !? Are you feeling that speed as well ?

2011 is here. If you need more time, the listen to the great Linton Kwesi Johnson and sing with him “more time for leisure, more time for pleisure, more time for edification, more time for recreation, more time for contemplate, more time for ruminate, more time, We need more time”. This song should be our anthem when we feel we can catch up with the high pace rythm society is trying to impose us. And we may want to slow down a little as the degrowth movement proposes us. So… get the pitch down…

Cumbia has his response to over speedy lifestyle, cumbia has her “slow movement” too. It comes from Mexico and the well known “sonideros”. It’s called “rebajada”, “cumbias rebajadas”, etc. Jace Clayton aka Dj/Rupture even says that they influenced the “screw movement” in the USA, which slowed rap songs.

1- Randy Salazar jr. con el Grupo Kual – Virgencita (rebajada por REBAJADO 15): Randy Salazar jr. is the singer of Grupo Chambelan Dj and Vj Plastilina Mosh. Today he is on a pilgrim looking for cumbias sicodelicas. FREE !

Virgencita- Grupo Kual (rebajada por REBAJADO 15) by RANDY SALAZAR JR.

2- Dj Dus – Noche de estrellas – Anonymous… “de Colombia para Mexico” shout the singer of this good rebajada mixing a traditional colombian cumbia (credits ???) with a big slow hip hop beat and chorus, nice placed effects, good job.

3- Mix Dj Lengua – Rebajada Mota mix : From the blog Super sonido (that you should check if you like cumbia) an excellent mix of rebajada de Dj Lengua. It’s FREE; Download it here !

In 2011… DON’T FORGET to send your cumbias to the main CUMBIA group in soundcloud !


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