It’s a New Year and I hope you can see that towards the end of last year, I’ve tried to mix up Dubstep Monday a bit more by inviting other guest contributors.

Everybody gets bored of the same person for far too long….not that anybody has complained or said that they’re bored of my DM’s but I am and do get bored of course it enables us to cover more of the breadth and a wider variety of Dubstep!

Fish Finger & Okulus have been bringing in more USA flavoured step and other flavas and ocassionally FleCk will update us with the Greek and European variety. Whereas, Ferretti has been covering more of the UK downtempo/chilled Dubstep favoured by the likes of BBC Radio and all the other big mags & journo’s.

As you know I tend to favour young/fresh & unknown producers from all over the planet but I also include some of the established names with a fair sprinkling of all flavas!

If there is any type of flava you think we’re really missing in a big way, man let us know. We don’t like to leave anybody out and we also don’t hate on any sub-genre or variant of dubstep either, we’re open to whatever, provided it’s great!

Here’s a great article by NPR.Org, that I stole from a ray of sunshine, you ought to read it.  We try to avoid creating such divides or joining a particular camp, hence our open door policy!

Dubsteppers today:

1. Generation Bass

2. StatiQ Productions

3. DJ Lady Snake

4. Figure

5. The Subliminals

6. Rub a dub dubstep dance

7. Wizard

8. Thierry Le DJ

9. The Rockstars

10. 6ixTwelve

11. Okulus Anomali

12. G-ta

13. Singin’ Gold

14. Yarhkob

15. Filth Collins

16. Profanity

17. Miraja


Not long to go now, it ‘s coming soon – FEB 1ST 2011!

Generation Bass Presents Transnational Dubstep Compilation Promo (Excerpt/Taster Mix) – 1 FEB 2011 by djumb


Staying on the Transnational Dubstep tip, here’s a beauty by a new producer I’ve recently discovered.

This is really great!

Ganesh Invocation (StatiQ Productions Mix) by StatiQ Production


I keep on saying we need more ladies in the scene.  We already have AlexisK, Majiika, Unsub, Connectionist and some others and here’s a new one that I’ve had my eye on for a while.

I thought it was time I shared her stuff with you and so here’s 2 really good tracks!  1 is a really good remake of the massive 90’s Wamdue track “King of My Castle” and the other is an excellent original.

I hope to hear a lot more from her!

Lady Snake – King of my Castle Remix by DJ Lady Snake

Summerdub by DJ Lady Snake


Awesome track, this is gonna be HUUUGE!

This one has been causing mad ruckus during my sets , really excited to be allowed to finally show everyone!

Out at the end of Jan on a MASSIVE remix comp , with other remixes from High Rankin , Downlink , and a whole slew of heavy hitters on Jack Knife Records!

Have a listen to the Original tune here > CALVERTRON – EVERYBODY by calvertron

Calvertron – Everybody (Figure’s Dubstep Remix) by Figure


I think  a name to watch out for in 2011, I’m really feelin’ what these dudes are doin’!

Here’s what they say about themselves:

Just a couple of fools who try to make decent bass music that opens the mind and makes people dance.

Influences and interests include Dub, Hip Hop, Jungle, Dubstep, Ambient, 2 Step, House, Breaks, Future Dub, Garage, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Psychedelic Rock, Fusion, Soundtracks, Air, Laughter, Friends, Family, Food, Enemies, Conflicts, Weather Patterns, etc, etc, etc. 🙂 LIFE.

Subliminals – The Flight [unmastered] by subliminals

Subliminals – It’s A Trip [unmastered] by subliminals


Whoever said you can’t dance to dubstep?

This is hilarious, you need to watch it, don’t skip it!!!


I hope 2011 can match the beauty of this track, utterly gorgeous Future Dub from another new artist I just helped to!

And I really love the description too:

sounds of drugs + walks at night + people + talking (not mastered yet)

moonlit (unmastered) by wizard_music


Great new track from a dude who we’ve featured on these pages many a time!

Thierry Le Dj – Time To Move On (original mix) FREE DOWNLOAD (320) by Thierry Le Dj


US based steppers doing some “XCELLENT” dubstep!

Like A G6 – Far East Movement (The Rockstars Dubstep Remix) by THE ROCKSTARS

Katy Perry – Firework (The Rockstars Dubstep Remix) by THE ROCKSTARS


The Polymer Drone & La lukas NEW collaborative group OH DANG! releasing their remix of Bucky Done Gun. You will be Hearing a lot more of us under our new alias!


This is a certified crowd stomper!

MIA- Bucky Done Gun (OH DANG! remix) by 6ixTwelve


Here’s a short vid of one of our regular contributors playing at what looks like a really cool event with artists, bellydancers. firedancers etc etc..

He’s playing some of his own dubs and then he drops some UNSUB, yeah!



UAE/DUBAI based producer of Indian heritage drops some mo’ very cool BhangraSTeP

Yaar Anmulle (g-ta’s dubstep remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by g-ta



Yarhkob has bin creating random dark disorganized tracks for a long long time yet never finishes anything properly. All is set to change in the year 2010 as a full album of dark space hop, drum n bass and dubstep is being prepared to be unleashed on the independently established Pineapple Lounge Records.

yeh yeeeeeeeeeeh

Yarhkob – Totally Insane v1.1 by Yarhkob


Filth Collins comes back with a new sound he’s getting into now, maybe leaving behind the Joker inflected sound he’s been known for in the past!

Breakage – Hard (Filth Collins Bootleg) by Filth Collins


Been a while since we last had profanity on here but here’s another well produced and interesting number.

Refit Your Mind (Dubstep Mix) by Profanity


Miraja has a knack for making great Popstep and these 2 numbers available for free are no exception.

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