Indeed 2011 is the year!!! More Moombah!!!!
Dave nada dropped Moombahton!
Sonido del Principe not long ago dropped Moombia!!
Munchi and Heartbreak Moombahcore!!
Now it is the turn for THREE NEW ONES!!!! which aren’t new (per se) but not fully explored!!
Coombiahton, Coombiacore and Dubstep Grillero!!
Guapo Feo – Highbloombia by barneyiller
PANTEROS666 – KEGSTAND (Max le Daron Moombahcore/Cumbahcore Refix) by Max le Daron

And What can be the result of one of the most explosive duos from Brooklyn?
the regeatonesque beat from NY’s Reaganomics + the sickness of Guapo Feo= SUPERMOOMBATHON

Guapo Feo and Reaganomics – Super Moombahton by barneyiller

Guapo Feo and Reaganomics – Benaton by barneyiller

Check this Dubstep grillero!!!
Morphous – Desert Flow (Brilla Remix) by barneyiller

And this one is from the early stages of cumbiaton, following Toy selecta’s Raveton patterns Max le Daron
dropped his EP
RaveCumbiaton EP by Max le Daron


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