True Americans: Nu Pow Pow!

Sacheen Littlefeather, refusing the 1973 Best Actor Oscar on behalf of Marlon (The Godfather) Brando!

During that amazing moment onstage, she graciously brought attention to the injustice that Native Americans have faced and the wrongful prejudices that Native Americans have felt from Hollywood.

Watch the refusal:

These are things that I’ve regularly highlighted in the recent past on my FB page when in a fit of anger about the injustices in the world!

Politics and history aside for now to make way for some music.

Diplo and Mad Decent have in the past few weeks stuck up a number of posts on a Canadian Native American by the name of DJ NDN & A Tribe called Red.

Check the original post by Diplo here and a follow up post by Devro here.

There’s some really great and interesting sounds that you’d be best advised to check out  and read up on, on those posts.

I’m just f*****’ happy that something else has come along to blow away this rather annoying New Age shiit done by an Austrian!!!