Sticking with the Native American Indian theme, image wise, cause they’re soo beautiful 🙂

So who’s playing today, here’s the LINE – UP:

1. Drop Out Orchestra

2. Irie Maffia

3.  DJ Javier Estrada

4. Mr Vega Music

5. Stereotyp

6. Zuzuka

7. Knight Magic

8. Rot10 Music

9. Maria y Jose

10. Frikstailers

11. C.R.S.T.

12. The Probretons

13. El Hijo De La Cumbia

14. Panchitron

15. Yelram Selectah

16. Barriobaeat

17. Schlachtofbronx

Let the game commence!


It was my Birthday a few days ago and I rocked out to this all

Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant (Drop Out Orchestra Rework) Edit by Drop Out Orchestra


Some great mash ups here by our Hungarian friends taking in Ghana, Afrohouse, Cumbia, Dancehall, Busy Signal, Busta rRymes and Christina Aguilera!

E.L.O. vs Busta Rhymes-Hustler Cumbia by Irie Maffia

E.L.O. vs Busy Signal-Buy Me Out by Irie Maffia

E.L.O. vs Christina Aguilera-Ain’t No Other by Irie Maffia


Some mo’ Hurrache and Prehispanico Tropical vybz from our friend from Monterrey, Mexico!

Twice in one day and several times in the past few weeks!!!


Well apart from being totally D.O.P.E….watch out for his release on Generation Bass Digital soon!

Dj Javier Estrada – Aztechminimal Vs Cumbia. by djjavierestrada

Dj Javier Estrada – Ixchel (Prehispanik) by djjavierestrada


A couple of mean Tropical Bass tracks here by this dude who hails from NYC!

01 – Fat and Ugly – Indian Giant (Mr. Vega REJECTED Remix) by Mr_Vega_Music

Mr. Vega & JSK – Baile Mas Bajo – Free Download by Mr_Vega_Music


Some mo’ Barefoot Badness from the trusty Stereotyp!

Pen feat chuck fender by stereotyp ©

Zuzuka Poderosa

This one, from our Baile Funk Princess, is from way back in 2005/2006 but still sounds fresh maan!

Zuzuka Poderosa & DJ Sujinho – “Tecnoeletrico” by Zuzuka Poderosa


I’ve been in touch with this dude since early last year and was pencilling in a couple of his tracks for our general Generation Bass compilation that was due out last year but which has been held back for a bit.

I can’t believe that I have not blogged about him before but I guess that was because I was trying to keep his stuff secret until the release, which never happened 🙁

Anyway, better late than never.

Seems that he got on a compilation already, which makes me happy for him.

An off the wall cover of a Grupo Nectar track. This song was released last month on the Dutty Artz compilation, New York Tropical.

Knight Magic – El Baile de La Cumbia by knightmagic


Rot10 Musik strives to always bring you the quality house/dance music you want to hear. So with that being said, we give you Four Four’s Africa Face. The track is a juked out tropical balkan banger. Hard pounding bass drums with huge sets of percussion and bleeps for your ears and feet. Four Four has done remixes for us here at Rot10 Musik and had his remix for Gash Digital featured in a print issue of DJ Mag this past summer. If your in LA you can catch him weekly at The Bunny Hut as he is a resident dj there.

Link –


We’ve been covering releases by Maria y Jose since the start of Gen Bass man and I’m really chuffed thathis stuff is being picked up by all peeps now including Mad Decent.  I hope it keeps on happening cause the dude is quality!

Maria y Jose – Violentao (Sunsplash rmx ft Patafunk & ILL Pharaoh) by sunsplash


Some great new tracks here by the ever reliable Frikstailers!

Bart B More – Make Some Noise (Frikstailers Remix) by FRIKSTAILERS

Mochipet – Banana Split (Frikstailers Remix) by FRIKSTAILERS


Amazing remix from my boys from Cardiff:

A ‘Future Garage’ Remix we did for The XX. Big Ups to Jamie XX on this one ;0)

After way too many messages asking for a copy, here it is for free! just make sure you follow us on twitter also @crstdemos have a good Xmas folks n a happy new year! ;0)

The XX – Shelter (C.R.S.T Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD!!! by C.R.S.T


PSYCOTON….Well, LOVING the vibe on this, more please 🙂

The Pobretons – Bolsa Tropical by The Pobretons


One of the main geezers of the Nu Cumbia scene, goota be quick cause his downloads go faaast!

Alternative link HERE

Niña Dioz- Criminal Sound (El Hijo De La Cumbia Remix) by ElHijodelaCumbia


Been a while since we had any Panchitron on here, glad to have the old raver back..:-)

Crystal Castles- Baptism (Cumbia Bellaka) by Panchitron

Panchitron-Everyday by Panchitron


Yelram Selectah, amongst some other dudes, who follow the movements on our blog was one of those guys who was doing a lot of cumbia only 6 months ago and I blogged loads of his tracks.

In the past 6 months he has made a transition from Nu Cumbia to Moombahton, Tribal Guarachero & 3ball.  It shows the adaptability of some of these young boyz and I’m glad to see them embracing these fast changes and also doing it so well.  It needs additional encouragement because that’s how scenes/movements start!

So here’s some cool 3ball & Tribal Guarachero stuff from him!

3bassline (2011) by yelram selectah

threball jazz (super refixxx) by yelram selectah

Bam Bam (tribal guarachero refix) by yelram selectah

Tribabylon (threeball REMIX!) by yelram selectah


Yes, Nu Cumbia production has slowwwed down the past 6 months or so but it ain’t dead.

It will be re-born again soon.

For now here’s a reminder of the good ole times that happened ony as late as 6-8 months

05 Cybercuba by Barriobeat


Schlachthofbronx – Ayoba! feat. Spoek & Gnucci Banana [Tommie Sunshine & Figure Brooklyn Fire Remix] by tommiesunshine

So quite awhile ago @Figure and myself remixed this track for @MANRECORDINGS. It was too much for them and somehow it just sat on our hard drives, going up on a few blogs and @Figure playing it at just about every gig. This remix is nutty in the true sense of the word. It changes BPM like 4 or 5 times from 130 to 75 to 140 to 148 and back to 130. Enjoy.

Too right man, this is NUTZ but I LOVE IT, Daniel did you lose your mind, how come you never released THIS!!!

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