Being a DJ must be fun, normally I do not spin, but when I do, I love to play some mashups.  I find them amazin, and sometimes they even sound better than the original versions..

The sound of BOOTIE, the world’s biggest mashup bootleg party, with regular parties in several cities on four continents. drops the “Best of Bootie 2010” mix is pretty much the soundtrack to Bootie, (mixtape and/or individual tracks) — from the early-in-the night ramp-up to the prime-time dancefloor bangers to the last-call drunken kookiness to the end-of-the-night sentimental slow jams, this is what a real mashup party sounds like.

And being a super fan of many of the best mashupers in the whole planet, i was so happy to see the BEST OF BRAZILIAN MASHUPS!! Including Joao brasil, Andre paste, lucio k, brutal redneck, Faroff, and many more!!

Download it for FREE

Also the BEST OF BOOTIE (worldwide)was gone after 60 minutes!!!!!! the whole 100 spots!!!

Sohere it is where you can get it for FREE either as Mixtape or Individual tracks
And here’s the stream!

Best Of Bootie 2010 by bootie

Here’s the list

Joao Brazil spend the whole year doing mash up.. every single day he dropped one!!
and we featured around only 10!! so there are 355 more!!!!!
so here’s what he wants to say
THANK YOU ALL TO SUPPORT THE BIGGEST PROJECT OF MY LIFE SO FAR!! 215.000 visits, almost 600 visits per day during the project in 2010! Here are the links for the 365 mashups! – Joao Brasil
you can access the whole list and download them

Now Mexican Mash ups!!
from tijuana my mate mykol!!
MIA’s ska!!!
Uraqt-Ranking Joe Vs M.I.A. Vs. Mungos Hi-Fi by TJF SOUND-MYKOL ORTHODOX

and Bootlegumachine’s newest mashup!!! Free download
Unsexy Nerd Ponies vs James Brown vs Afrika B vs Wiseguys( Bootlegumachine Machop) by bootlegumachine

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