Let us unveil our new signing, Dj Javier Estrada from Monterrey, Mexico!

His debut EP on Generation Bass will be dropping soon-ish.

He is somebody I discovered on soundcloud when he friended me and I was instantly struck by the Aztec Tribalism of his sound. I think his production style is immense and his ideas very intereresting with loads of potential.

He calls his style PreHispanico and Hurrache. I didn’t know what that meant and as he cannot speak fluent English and my Spanish is non-existent, I asked Caballo to find out what all this meant.  Plus Caballo is Propa’ Saaarf American and so he understands more about the history of this, than I do.

So this is what Caballo explained to me:

Prehispanic means before the arrival of Columbus.  So in his music Javier wants to “recreate” the jungle vibe and the blood rituals of the Aztec people.

Huarachero, hurrache or guarachero is the same thing, just spelled different..

So I thought, man, that is even more interesting than I originally thought and it added an additional element of potency to the music.

I really love this idea of a pre-colonialist ideology.  Of taking music back to it’s native roots.  Of stripping away the colonialism and taking it back to the heart of the real people.  In a way, it’s like a restoration of a sincerity, an honest intention!

Man it’s propa’ potent and I can hear it in his sound which has a ghostly feel about it in which you can feel attempts being made to hark back to a forgotten age!  Weird, but true!

Here’s a lil’ taster of things to come from Javier Estrada via this free EP.  This focuses a bit more on Native American Indian influences as opposed to the Aztec, which will be the main focus of the EP on our label.

Grab it from HERE!


  1. wow lovin’ it!!! very tribal stuff, and indeed very jungle and of course 8ballish as well. excited for upcoming ep to hear/learn more about this.

    man i gotta start booking all this awesome mexican talent in Colorado~!

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