I had forgotten how much i liked that song!!! but pretty much i love much more the remixes!!!
reading Generationbass i saw that UMB posted it here on Dubstep monday a song from my friends from LA, The Rockstars , they showed to me a while ago..and it was a BANGER!!
but i never posted it..
Now i came back to see it and it has more than 23 thousand plays!!!!
and it is STILL FREE!!!
Like A G6 – Far East Movement (The Rockstars Dubstep Remix) by THE ROCKSTARS
Well i remembered it mainly because
Sheeqo Beat does it in a 3ball version that is so sublime..that i wish it was FREE!! but anyway..let’s enjoy it !!!!
Like a G-6 3ball!!
Like a G6 (Sheeqo Beat Remix) – Far East Movement Ft. The Cataracs and Dev by Sheeqo Beat

G6 is also a Liquid Drum N Bass FREE DOWNLOAD
from nick the greek
Far East Movement – Like A G6 (DJ NickTheGreek Remix) by NicktheGreek


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