Ok I have a big flu now, so kind of feeling groovy and need a doctor. Do you need some stuff to get you on your feet after this year begining as well ? So after our rebajada cumbia post (there’ll be more and more consistent in the future) we’ll speed up a bit the pace and have a special post on some of the best intents to mix cumbia and dancehall.

1- Lucas Luisao: I just wanted to begin with the first Cabeza release which is surely a good starting point !

Sensicombo – Jimmy & su Combo Negro vs Mr. Vegas – Luisao Bootleg by lucasluisao

2- Deluxmaniac: He’s doing “metamashup” ?? The previous mashuper (Lucas Luisao) got mashuped !! Cool chilly vibe on this one.

Capleton cumbiero — Damian Marley feat Capleton vs Luisao by Deluxmaniac

3- Dutter: a lite cymbal, discret guacharaca, the accordeon really fit the singing of the Badman… Is it still cumbia ? Strictly speaking I don’t know but it has its place here cause it’s well done… 😉

G.I.R.I.P. Badman Cumbia by Dutter

4- Don Shak: he’s a member of the tj fyah sound champion sound in Mexico. On this oen he mashep up a Aidona voice with a slow mexican cumbia style. He surely did it after seeing some Matrix film…


5- TJF SOUND-MYKOL ORTHODOX : another great one: heavy guacharaca, some latin percussion on a big Burru Banton classic.

Ghetto Living Rmx-Burru Banton by TJF SOUND-MYKOL ORTHODOX


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