Muse certainly can fit melodic dubstep perfectly!!!!
Here is a whole post of MUSE!!! remixed!!!

Resistance!! Free
Muse – Resistance (remix ) by NicktheGreek

From an older album but still a dope song now revitalized in a lazerstep
Knights of cydonia Free
Knights of Cydonia – Muse (Nostalgia Dubstep Remix) by

Previously posted by UMB a sick version!
MUSE – Unintended – Love and Light Remix (click here for additional d/l info) by Love and Light

My favorite from MUSE is not an original, but their own cover of Feeling good..
so when i heard this one..i loved it!!!
Muse – Feeling Good (Fr33m4n´s Dubstep Bootleg) by Bassliebe

Another Melodic Dubstep version of Resistance
Muse – Resistance (Spor Remix) by CaptainPlanet


  1. I LOVE Knights of Cydonia since I played it in Guitar Hero on my Xbox

    …..but this remix…..


    thanks for the post!!!!!!

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